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GN Solids Control for 2024 Beijing CIPPE Oil Equipment Show 

CIPPE 2024 was successfully held in this spring in Beijing as scheduled. GN Solids Control has been attending this exhibition for 15 years ever since GN was established. CIPPE is the largest exhibition in the oil and gas industry in China, and also one of the largest in the world. It attracted visitors from the whole Asia and Russia.

As one of leading brands for oil and gas solids control manufacturers in the world, GN has a stand of 260 square meters, and as always, GN’s booth is at E2168. During years of restructuring of the whole market, some players in this industry has vanished and some news are emerging, while GN Solids Control is developing stably and rapidly, bringing to the market new designs and better solutions.

For this exhibition, GN brought to the booth following equipment:
1.Middle sized decanter centrifuge GNLW 363. Among all GN decanter centrifuges, this one is a middle sized one, but it is also the most popular model in oil and gas industry, especially for the waste management treatment for drilling cuttings.
2.Vacuum pump. It is not only used for oil and gas industry, but also for other functions in oily sludge treatment, sands, animal waste and etc. It is a powerful pump driven by air and the only size limit is the diameter.
3.Shale shaker and high G shaker. Shale shaker is one of GN’s core products, and also the mining vibrating screens, cause screening is always one of the most important way in the separating process.
4.A section of screw conveyor. It is an important auxiliary equipment in a waste management system, used for collecting and transferring cuttings between treating equipment. GN’s screw conveyors are self designed with some special features.

For this exhibition, GN also showed a centrifuge rotating bowl assembly. In this way, visitors can have a more clear view of the structure of decanter centrifuge. And it is a proud thing that all the producing of this highly rotating gentle part is made by GN.

For more information, welcome to contact GN team or visit GN factory near Beijing.

GN Separation will attend WATER PHILIPPINES 2023 Expo in March

Within 2 weeks, there will be a water exhibition to be held in Metro Manila, Philippines. GN Separation will attend this exhibition, bringing last year’s best seller equipment. Sure it will be a successful exhibition, so will GN.
As is known to all, Philippines is a beautiful country surrounded by sea in South Asia. It has rich water resources and the environment protection there is practical and strict. How to deal with waters is important there, and sure, should be important everywhere in the world.

Here is the information about the exhibition:
Website of Exhibition: https://www.waterphilippinesexpo.com/
Exhibition Schedule: from March 22nd to 24th , 2023
Location: Metro Manila, Philippines
GN Booth Number: H15 & 16

2023.02.10 gn solid vacuum pump

What equipment GN will bring to this Exhibition?

1. Mini Decanter Centrifuge GNLW223. GN has been a decanter centrifuge manufacturer for more than 15 years. In GN factory, there is a workshop used especially for decanter centrifuges. In this workshop, GN has a five axis machining center and two sets of dynamic balancing machines, a middle speed one and a high speed one. For all the centrifuge rotating parts, like the propeller and the rotating bowl, will be tested by dynamic balancing machines separately and after assembled together.
GN manufactures various centrifuges models, and this centrifuge GNLW223 is the smallest model.

2. Vacuum pump GNSP-10. It is a compact vacuum pump model, also the smallest model among the 3 models GN makes. It is fully air driven powerful pump which can take even solids like sands and small stones. It can be used for wide applications such like mining, oily sludge, animal waste, small construction materials, and etc. The GNSP-10 and GNSP 20 are equipped with wheels for more flexible.

3. Screw press sludge dewatering machine. It is a practical and economic solution for sludge treatment to squeeze out the liquid from the solid waste.

Welcome to GN Booth for negotiating and exploring future cooperation.

GN Solids Vacuum Pump in Stock Meets the Spot Sales

GN Solids Control and GN Separation are 2 brands under GN company, which are both professional separation solution provider respectively for oil and gas industry and other industries like environment protection, mining, water treatment, animal waste treatment and etc.

2023.03.03 pit sludge transfer pump

GN’s products could be grouped in 2 catalogs: separating and conveying. For separating, there are equipment for liquid and solid separation, like shale shakers, mud cleaners with hydrocyclones, two phase decanter centrifuges, screw press and etc. For mud and gas separation, there are mud gas separation, vacuum degasser and centrifugal degasser. For oil and water separation, there are oil water separator, three phase centrifuge and etc. And there is also chemical dosing system which is used to help with separation. For conveying equipment, GN produces screw conveyor and various pumps, including shearing pump, centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump and screw pumps. Among all the pumps, the vacuum pump is a quite special one and also the most popular one.

1.GN Vacuum Pump is fully air driven, that’s why it is called vacuum pump. It is generated by an air compressor, with a negative force, it can suck in the material. And with a positive force, it will push out the material to a certain distance. It needs no electricity at all, so it is fully explosive proof.

2.GN vacuum pump is also called a solid pump, because it can handle solids particles easily, as long as the particles can pass the pipelines. The material to be transferred need to be liquidate, while liquid is not a must. For example, the sands or small stones can be transferred by the vacuum pump easily.

3.GN Vacuum pump can be used for different applications, including oily sludge industry, refinery, animal waste, chemical transferring, minerals, coal powders and etc.

Clients from different industries are coming to GN for purchasing this pump. That’s why, for the 3 standard models, GN are making stock for quick delivery for clients. Please contact GN team for confirming the soonest delivery time.

Mini Solids Pump and Mini shaker for South America Customer

Each year, GN Solids Control makes and sells tens of solids pumps in different sizes. The solids pumps are widely used in many industries, like the oily sludge transfer, slurry transfer, sand transfer even containing small stones, animal waste and etc. Some clients are even using a small sized mini solids pump for cleaning the waste on bottom tanks, during which the solids pump could serve the function as a vacuum cleaner we daily use in houses.

2022.08.25 Mini Vacuum Pump


About GN Solids Control

1. The pump is fully air driven. Yes, exactly, cause the solids pumps are really designed as a vacuum cleaner, and it has another name, which is a vacuum pump. It is called a vacuum pump because it is driven by air and helped by an air compressor. The air compressor generated a gas force to the pump and the pump uses travel valves, delay valves and some other parts to suck and push the materials in and out by using the compressed air. Instead, a vacuum pump itself has no need for electricity.

2. Features of vacuum pumps. The air force is high, so the pump is quite powerful. For example, the largest vacuum pump is GNSP-40B among GN vacuum solids pumps and it can suck materials from 500 meters far and discharge to up to 1000 meters away. Even the half sized GNSP 20B can discharge the material to 500 meters distance.

3. Special functions for a mini vacuum pump. Comparing with a large vacuum pump, the mini pump is more compact in structure and equipped by some wheels for easy movement. With a handle, it can be dragged from here to there, just like when you are using a vacuum cleaner at home. GN provides 3 types of inlets for the vacuum pump to make it suitable for different materials.

For more information, welcome to contact GN directly.

GN Solids America Successfully attend 2022 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston

Just days ago, GN Solids America, attended 2022 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, bringing GN popular products together with their peers from USA and European countries, and attracted clients all over the world. For this year’s OTC, GN Solids America brought shaker screens, vacuum pump and ViST vacuum shaker screen to the exhibition. Those are all quite popular products among GN’s products.

2022.05.04 OTC Gate AD

1. Shale shakers. As a professional shale shaker manufacturer, GN also pays a great attention to the shaker screens, cause a shale shaker’s good performance is greatly affected by the shaker screens. And shaker screens with accurate API number can ensure a good separation and a high conductance is a must for reaching the requested treating capacity. GN shaker screens have the both features. Meanwhile, GN shaker screens have a long service life and reasonable prices.

2. Sludge vacuum pump. It is also called a solids pump, cause it can transfer large solids or even all dry solids like sand and mud. It can be used in various applications, such as oily sludge transferring, animal waste, industry slurry, sand and etc. It can suck from a long distance and discharge even longer. And, it is not driven by any electricity, instead, it is fully air driven, so it is suitable for all Explosive proof requests.

3. ViST vacuum shale shaker, which is used to reduce the drilling waste from the shale shaker. It is fixed onto the last piece of shale shaker, and it is suitable for WBM, OBM and SBM. It helps to reduce waste by 30%-50% and one set of ViST can serve for 1 to 3 sets of shale shakers.

If you missed the OTC, welcome to GN office and warehouse in Houston for more information about the company and products.

Mini Solids Vacuum Pump and Mini Decanter Centrifuge for International Customer

When you talk about something mini, what do you think? For example, a mini iphone 13, what image do you think? Yes, of course, a mini something means the same function with a more compact structure, a portable one or at least more flexible one. Have you ever considered a mini solids vacuum pump or a mini decanter centrifuge? In fact, just days ago, GN has supplied to an international customer such equipment, both in mini sizes, a vacuum pump and a decanter centrifuge.

2022.04.01 Mini Solids Pump

1. Solids vacuum pump. A solids vacuum pump is a quite powerful pump which is used for transferring medium with large particles. It is widely used in many different applications and places because of those features: first, it allows material with quite large particles with only limit as the pump’s pipeline diameter. Second, it can transfer to a quite large distance, for example, a small pump can transfer water to 500 meters away horizontally, and a large pump of 40cbm per hour, can even transfer water to 1000 meters away. Thirdly, it is suitable for different Explosive Proof conditions cause it is not driven by electricity.

A mini vacuum pump is equipped by wheels and a handle, which is flexible to be used for tank bottom cleaning by insert its inlet pipe into the tank.

2. Decanter centrifuge. Decanter centrifuges are quite efficient machines used for separating the solids particles from liquid thoroughly. The cutting point is determined by the bowl rotating speed. A middle speed decanter centrifuge can separate particles from 5 to 7 microns while a high speed one can remove particles from 2 to five microns. The decanter centrifuges’ capacity depends on the centrifuge size, especially the bowl diameter. The larger diameter it has, the larger capacity it can handle. A mini decanter centrifuge in GN equipment range is a 9 inch diameter one, and GN has all popular models available, such as 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and even 30 inch.

This client who purchased both mini vacuum pump and mini centrifuge is planning to use those equipment for tank cleaning, respectively for pumping out and treating of the sludge.

How to Operate on a Vacuum Pump to Its Best

As is known to all, a vacuum pump is a powerful pump which is suitable for different applications. Because it can transfer material with large particles or large solids content, it is also called a solids pump. It is fully air-driven by connecting to an air compressor. The working principal is to suck in the material with the negative force and push the material out with a positive force.

2021.08.24 Vacuum Loading Pump
If it is operated in correct method, it can reach a quite ideal performance. Here are some tips:

1. Suitable air supply for the vacuum pump:

There are 2 requests to meet for the air compressor: pressure between 0.6~0.8 Mpa, and a large enough air volume.
In some cases, although the air compressor can produce an air pressure of 0.6 Mpa or above, during operation, reading on pressure guage is only 0.4 or 0.5Mpa.
This problem could be solved by reducing the air hose length from air compressor to the pump, or using a larger diameter air hose.
Another option is an air container. Since the ideal operating air pressure should be stable around some value between 0.6 to 0.8 MPa. In some cases, when the air supply from an air compressor is not stable, you can use an air container matching to the air compressor. It is located in between the compressor and pump.

2. Time setting for loading and discharging:
For both loading and discharging, there is a time range from 0 to 30 seconds. This time setting can be adjusted during operating, which depends on many factors including material character, distance, pipe diameter and etc.
For example, if the sucking time is set at 25 seconds, and when pump is sucking, at first the material goes quite quickly, then it slows down gradually.
When the material moving nearly stops, the pump is almost full. You read the time and you can set the sucking time accordingly.
During discharging, make sure the material is fully pushed out from the discharging hose. Don’t leave heaps of material to stop at half. In that case, it will hinder the later sucking and discharging.
You can contact GN Solids Control, the vacuum pump manufacturer, for more information.

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021

WEFTEC 2021 was successfully held in America and it attracted quite a lot professional visitors. Among water treatment, an efficient separation is non-doubt an important procedure. GN Solids America has participated in the exhibition and brought to the event 2 compact but handy machines: GNLW224ET decanter centrifuge and GNSP-20B vacuum pump.

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021 (3)

GNLW is the model GN Solids Control and GN Solids America name their decanter centrifuges, they are 2 phase decanter centrifuges designed with high speed rotation ability. In the code GNLW224, 22 shows the bowl diameter which is 22 inch and the 4 means the bowl length and diameter ratio. The 4 ratio is larger than 3. For each centrifuge size, GN has both 3 and 4 available. Among the whole GN centrifuge models, there are GNLW363 and GNLW364 decanter centrifuge with 14 inch diameter bowls, GNLW452, GNLW453 and GNLW454 with 18 inch bowl diameter, GNLW553 and GNLW554 with 18 inch bowl and GNLW764 with 30 inch huge bowl.

GNSP-20P is a middle sized vacuum pump. Vacuum pump is also called solids pump because of its high ability for allowing large particles. Unless other pumps, the solids pumps can handle even dry material like sand and small stones. The only size limit is the pipeline size. And by using only compressed air as driven force, those vacuum pumps don’t need electricity. They can be used in Explosive Proof conditions for CNEX, IECEX and ATEX. There are mainly 3 models of GNSP vacuum pumps, the largest one is GNSP-40B with capacity 40cbm per hour, and the other 2 models are respectively 20 cbm per hour and 10 cbm per hour, the 2 smaller models are equipped by wheels for flexible use.

GN Solids America is located in Houston, TX in USA, with warehouse and stock for main equipment. Welcome to visit GN Team there.

GN Screw Press Dewatering and Solids Vacuum Pump for ES Company

In the past years, the sludge treatment works are becoming more and more important because of the focusing on the environment protection. The environment protection in this field includes how to make the sludge less polluted before safely discharge. That’s why the efficient solutions for such sludge become more and more popular.

2021.10.15 Screw Press Dewatering Machine

1. Screw press sludge dewatering:

Screw press sludge dewatering machines are coming more and more welcomed to clients. Screw press dewatering is a kind of economic choice which is also quite environmentally friendly. The working principle is just like when you are twisting a wet towel. The motor will generate a strong force for squeezing the wet sludge by changing the screw diameter and screw pitches. The tiny gaps between floating ring and fix ring will do the squeezing work, to leave the sludge into liquid and cakes. Comparing with other separating equipment, the screw press dewatering machines don’t need chemicals and will sure leave less contamination to the surroundings.
In a recent project, an ES Company purchased from GN Solids Control such a screw press dewatering and a vacuum pump.

2. Solids vacuum pump.

A vacuum pump is also called a solids vacuum pump, which allows in material with high solids content, even dry sand, just to make sure that the material largest particle size is within the limit as pump inlet diameter.
The solids vacuum pump can transfer the material to more than 50 meter away. It is fully air driven, no need for consumption of electricity itself. That’s why it can be located at Explosive conditions by being linked to an air compressor.

Based on your jobsite condition, GN Solids Control can offer customized designs with rich experiences and professional engineer team. For more information, welcome to contact GN sales team directly.

Vacuum Loading Solids Transfer Pump to Europe Client

You might not have heard about a vacuum loading solids transfer pump because of the long name used for describe such a powerful pump. But if I mention about a vacuum pump, a solids pump, an air driven slurry pump, it becomes familiar for you. Cause in recent years, those vacuum loading solids transfer pumps are becoming so popular.
This transfer pump can handle for different applications, for wet materials including but not limited to: oily sludge transfer, slurry transfer, tank bottom mud cleaning, animal waste and etc. For dry materials, it can work even better and wider with active carbon, sands, small stones and etc.

2021.08.24 Solids Transfer Pump
This solids pump allows in quite big particles, that’s why it is called a solids pump. The only limit to the incoming material size is the pipe diameter, and GN Solids Pumps can handle particles up to 75mm with a GNSP-40B pump.
It is also called a vacuum pump because it is driven by air only. It doesn’t have a motor for energy, instead, it uses compress air for make a vacuum inside the pump and suck in the material, and also, it pushes out the material with air force. That’s why it is suitable for explosive environment.

Which model is most suitable?
It depends on several factors:

1. Distance from the material’s original location and the distance to where you need to transfer the material. A GNSP-40 vacuum pump can even deliver the material to 1000 meters away, and the smaller models can deliver to 500 meters.
2. Transferring capacity: there are 3 optional models respectively with capacity of 10 cbm per hour, 20 cbm per hour and 40 cbm per hour.
3. Movable or not: if the jobsite is comparably fixable, and you need a larger capacity, then the GNSP-40B will be the most suitable. Well if you need to move the pump as a pulley, the GNSP-10B and GNSP-20B are more suitable cause they are equipped with wheels.
Welcome to contact GN for more information.