Mini Solids Pump and Mini shaker for South America Customer

Each year, GN Solids Control makes and sells tens of solids pumps in different sizes. The solids pumps are widely used in many industries, like the oily sludge transfer, slurry transfer, sand transfer even containing small stones, animal waste and etc. Some clients are even using a small sized mini solids pump for cleaning the waste on bottom tanks, during which the solids pump could serve the function as a vacuum cleaner we daily use in houses.

2022.08.25 Mini Vacuum Pump


About GN Solids Control

1. The pump is fully air driven. Yes, exactly, cause the solids pumps are really designed as a vacuum cleaner, and it has another name, which is a vacuum pump. It is called a vacuum pump because it is driven by air and helped by an air compressor. The air compressor generated a gas force to the pump and the pump uses travel valves, delay valves and some other parts to suck and push the materials in and out by using the compressed air. Instead, a vacuum pump itself has no need for electricity.

2. Features of vacuum pumps. The air force is high, so the pump is quite powerful. For example, the largest vacuum pump is GNSP-40B among GN vacuum solids pumps and it can suck materials from 500 meters far and discharge to up to 1000 meters away. Even the half sized GNSP 20B can discharge the material to 500 meters distance.

3. Special functions for a mini vacuum pump. Comparing with a large vacuum pump, the mini pump is more compact in structure and equipped by some wheels for easy movement. With a handle, it can be dragged from here to there, just like when you are using a vacuum cleaner at home. GN provides 3 types of inlets for the vacuum pump to make it suitable for different materials.

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