GNLW364 Decanter Centrifuge for Crystal Salt Dewatering Project

The GNLW364 Decanter Centrifuge is an ideal solution for dewatering applications in overseas crystal salt projects. Engineered with precision, all parts that come into contact with materials are made from duplex stainless steel 2205, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.

Advanced Dewatering Capabilities

The GN T series decanter centrifuge, with a beach angle of 8.5 degrees, is designed for efficient dewatering and thickening. This centrifuge excels in processing municipal and industrial wastewater sludge, meeting the highest dewatering requirements. It is particularly effective for materials with large particle sizes, significant density differences between solid and liquid phases, low viscosity, high concentration, and substantial treatment capacity. To enhance the dewatering process, flocculants can be added to coagulate fine particles into larger ones, making separation more efficient.

Versatile Applications

The GNLW364 Decanter Centrifuge is versatile and applicable to a wide range of materials including drilling mud, oily sludge, cutting fluids, and various types of wastewater (environmental, municipal, industrial, chemical). It is also effective for dewatering salt mud, magnesium aluminum emulsions, steel-making wastewater, and sludge from mining and construction activities. Additionally, it is used in the concentration and dehydration of salt crystals, kaolin grading, and the separation of oil sands.

With its robust design and high-efficiency operation, the GNLW364 Decanter Centrifuge is a reliable choice for challenging dewatering tasks, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in diverse industrial applications.