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Equipment Used for Feeding and Discharging for Decanter Centrifuges

Decanter centrifuges are quite important and efficient equipment used for separation of liquid and solids only second to the shale shakers. By the high G force generated by the high speed rotating of centrifuge bowl, the liquid will be splashed and the solids phase is to be pushed out. For achieving a satisfactory separating result, we have to make sure there are suitable equipment for feeding the decanter centrifuge and some other facilities for discharge.
Decanter centrifuges request for stable feeding, so some pulse pumps are not suitable for feeding the centrifuges. The pump shall provide stable feeding capacities. And it would be better if the feeing volume can be adjusted as per the centrifuge speed.

2022.05.11 GNLW454ET Decanter Centrifuge 1

Normally, based on rich experience as a decanter centrifuge manufacturer, GN Solids Control normally suggest those two pumps for centrifuge feeding as below:

1. Screw pump, which is a kind of Mono pump. Inside the screw pump there are one stator and one rotor and the comparative move between them provides stable feeding volume for the centrifuge. GN VFD centrifuges’ control panels can include a control panel for the centrifuge feeding pump.

2. Submersible slurry pump is also used for centrifuge feeding purpose, mostly for constant speed centrifuges, especially when the centrifuge is located on a tank and when the tank’s space is limited.

GN has both pump types available for matching different centrifuge models.

For centrifuge discharge, normally the liquid phase after separation will flow directly to its containers with a level difference. That’s why the centrifuge is requested to be mounted on a certain height, for example, on a tank or on a skid. The solids phase discharged by the centrifuge can flow directly via a chute or be carried out by a screw conveyor below the centrifuge.

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GN Solids America Successfully attend 2022 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston

Just days ago, GN Solids America, attended 2022 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, bringing GN popular products together with their peers from USA and European countries, and attracted clients all over the world. For this year’s OTC, GN Solids America brought shaker screens, vacuum pump and ViST vacuum shaker screen to the exhibition. Those are all quite popular products among GN’s products.

2022.05.04 OTC Gate AD

1. Shale shakers. As a professional shale shaker manufacturer, GN also pays a great attention to the shaker screens, cause a shale shaker’s good performance is greatly affected by the shaker screens. And shaker screens with accurate API number can ensure a good separation and a high conductance is a must for reaching the requested treating capacity. GN shaker screens have the both features. Meanwhile, GN shaker screens have a long service life and reasonable prices.

2. Sludge vacuum pump. It is also called a solids pump, cause it can transfer large solids or even all dry solids like sand and mud. It can be used in various applications, such as oily sludge transferring, animal waste, industry slurry, sand and etc. It can suck from a long distance and discharge even longer. And, it is not driven by any electricity, instead, it is fully air driven, so it is suitable for all Explosive proof requests.

3. ViST vacuum shale shaker, which is used to reduce the drilling waste from the shale shaker. It is fixed onto the last piece of shale shaker, and it is suitable for WBM, OBM and SBM. It helps to reduce waste by 30%-50% and one set of ViST can serve for 1 to 3 sets of shale shakers.

If you missed the OTC, welcome to GN office and warehouse in Houston for more information about the company and products.

Automatic Mud Tank Cleaning Unit for Offshore Drilling Platform

As is known to all, the crude oil is not only located beneath the lands, but also under the sea and the under-sea crude oil reservation is quite large. So for oil and gas drilling, there are land rigs and offshores. Comparing with land rigs, there are some challenges an offshore project has to face, and tank cleaning is one of them.

After being used for quite a while, the mud tanks all have sticky material on the bottom, which are mixtures of oil, water and solids. Such mixtures are difficult to remove. Here a professional and efficient tank cleaning system is quite important.

2022.04.07 Automatic Tank Cleaning

GN Solids Control, as a leading brand of such separation solution provider, has a turn-key solution with an automatic tank cleaning system, which helps to save the labors to enter the tank for cleaning. GN tank cleaning system includes following sections:

1. A flushing gun. It is an automatic flushing gun which can use water and work at a high pressure to stirring the oily sludge on inner bottom of tank. It saves around half of the time comparing with human labor working hours for the same task. Such a tank cleaning system can be equipped one or two flushing guns.

2. Mud suction unit. By using this suction unit, the sludge can be removed easily out of the tank. And this powerful suction unit can handle sludge with large particle sizes or high content of solids.

3. Mud clarify unit. After the mud is transferred to outside the tank, it should be clarified professionally. Here GN uses an inclined plate classifier and a chemical dosing unit to reduce the viscosity of the sludge.

4. Unit for storage and transfer mud. After separated, the water will be recovered for reuse and the oil will be collected while the solids phase will be removed and discharged safely.

5. Waste cuttings box for collecting the discharged solids, and those boxes are designed with forklift facilities.