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Two Big Bowl Mud Dewatering Centrifuge Units to South America

Each year, GN manufactures and sells 200+ sets of decanter centrifuges, and more than half of this number would be sold to the oil and gas industry. They are always used for oil and gas driling solids control, drilling waste management, drilling mud dewatering and oily sludge treatment.

Centrifuges are used in above mentioned facilities because of the decanter centrifuges’ characters. As the decanter centrifuges’ working principle, by means of the high speed rotating of the centrifuge bowl and the different rotating speed between the bowl and the centrifuge propeller, the solids phase and liquid phase would be separated to each port. A centrifuge’s ideal cutting point is between 2 to 5 microns.

Also as a solution provider for separating works, GN Solids Control can also design a turnkey solution for clients. Here is one of a recent project GN provided to a client in South America. The client purchased 2 sets of following:

1.Big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW654. GNLW654 is one of the large centrifuges of GN Centrifuge family, but not the largest model. GN offers centrifuges from 9 inch diameter bowl to 30 inch diameter bowl. And the length diameter ratio can be made as 3 or 4. For electric control panels, GN use VFD control panels with smart control.
Dewatering unit with a 6000L capacity for flocculation.

2.A dewatering unit for chemical dosing, As mentioned, the ideal cutting point of a decanter centrifuge is from 2 to 5 microns. When there are particles too large for the centrifuges, there should be some other equipment for pre-treatment before the centrifuge, for example, a shaker. But when the particles are too small, we use a dewatering unit to add polymerinto the material to flocculate the particles into larger ones in order to be chosen out by a centrifuge.

3. A telescopic stand for each centrifuge.

4. Screw pump for decanter centrifuge feeding.
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Large Linear Vibrating Screen for Iron Ore Client 

In a recent project in domestic China, GN Separation has designed and manufactured a customized large linear vibrating screen for a client in iron ore plant. For large vibrating screens, GN Separation has three types including large linear motion vibrating screens, large banana vibrating screens and large flip-flow vibrating screens, each type has several models for a range of treating capacities.

Here is the links of GN Vibrating Screens:

This GN large linear motion vibrating screen has following features:

1.GN large linear motion vibrating screen is a highly efficient choice. It is designed with single source of vibrating. The forced synchronous vibrating source can make the iron ore to jump quickly on the screen surface for a efficient treatment result.

2.For this large vibrating screen, GN uses vibrating exciter as the vibrating force provider and it is linked to the motor by means of a universal coupling. Because the universal coupling has the function as a cushion and also as a shock absorb, the vibrating force is transferred to the screening deck to the most extend.

3.Talking about the screening surface, this large vibrating screen is designed with a large vibrating surface for a separating capacity especially for this project.

4.The whole screen area is equipped with polyurethane screen panels plugged fasten on the screen deck. Comparing with steel screen meshes, the polyurethane ones have better elasticity and longer service life because of the anti-worn character.

5.The dual amplitude technology enables the the screening to be suitable for more particles,and also increases the accuracy of screening.

6.As GN has large machines for fabricating the mechanical parts, the large side walls are produced as a whole plate, without and welding in order to make the screening machine to be more durable and reliable.

GN Separation Equipment Co. LTD
Now the machine has already started its mission at the jobsite.

Mud Gas Separator and Mud Gun for Middle East Client

For a recent project, GN Solids Control has provided to a client from Middle East a mud gas separator and mud guns. Both are used for drilling rig solids control system.

1.Mud gas separator:
In a complete drilling mud solids control system with full package of equipment, there should be 5 equipment for separating, among which 4 are used for solids control, with the only exception as mud gas separator, for removing the flammable gas from liquid.
The mud gas separator is located before the shale shaker. It is used to remove the gas bubbles from the liquid. The main function of the mud gas separator is for safety of the whole project, and the gas outlet is linked to an automatic fire ignitor, to be consumed safely.

2.Mud guns.
Mud guns are quite useful and important equipment in a solids control system or a mud plant. They can be used along with mud agitators or used separately. It has two main functions: one is to help the mud agitator for stirring up the drilling mud from settling down to the bottom, the other is to transfer the drilling mud between the tanks with the help of the mud gun line along the tanks. It is an economic equipment without consuming electric power.

GN Solids Control, as one of the international leading brands among solids control equipment manufacturers, GN can help clients to customize and provide all equipment related to the solids control system, especially the core products like the shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuges. And GN also makes various of conveying equipment such as centrifugal pumps, submersible slurry pumps and screw conveyors. In its 80000 square meter factory workshops, GN can also build large tanks for mud plants.

GN Tubular centrifuge sent to Middle East Biotechnology Company

GN Separation is a professional solution provider and manufacturer from China, who has exported its products to more than 70 countries in the world. GN Separation’s core products include decanter centrifuges, three phase centrifuges, tubular centrifuges, screw presses and etc. Those equipment are widely used for industries related to environmental protection, like the waste treatment, the waste water disposal and etc. In a world, GN Separation is designing solutions to make the world better.

As mentioned, the tubular centrifuge is one kind of centrifuges GN provides to the market. The working principle of the tubular centrifuge is also related to the centrifugal force.In case of a tubular centrifuge, the mixture is to be put in the tube and the tube is put to the centrifuge plate. By high speed rotating from 1000 to 15000RPM, the solids and liquids are separated to the two ends of the centrifuge tube. On the centrifuge cover, there are respectively one hole to be connected to each end of tube, for the liquid and solids discharge.

This time, for this client from Middle East, GN suggested a GNGQ142 model, which has following features:
1.It is designed to be used for microbial fermentation broth. And the tube’s material is stainless steel 316L.
2.The equipment is equipped with coils for cooling in order to have a stable working temperature.
3.The speed are controlled by a variable frequency control box made of stainless steel, too. It can both adjust and display the speed and also show the temperature.

About GN Separation: GN Separation is a manufacturer based in China. It has a factory yard of 80,000 square meters. During 15 years of rapid development, it has exported its products to more than 70 countries in the world, and established branch companies in USA, Australia and Russia. Also, GN has partners in different countries, too, in order to meet clients’ request in time.
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