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GN Large Vibrating Screens Entering Mining Industry Successfully

GN Separation is the wholly owned subsidiary company of GN Solids Control. GN Separation is professional in designing and manufacturing solutions for separating and conveying works in different industries including food industry, beverage industry, sewage treatment, animal waste treatment and kitchen waste treatment.

Mining Industry is always an important industry all over the world which involves crushing, separating and conveying. GN set up a Mine Business Department with an engineer team focusing on development and promotion of vibrating screens. During years of development, GN Separation has developed large vibrating screens in addition to linear motional fine vibrating screens, High G vibrating screens, middle sized vibrating screens. Now GN Vibrating Screens have the full series for meeting the mining industries’ requested functions like classification for both dry and wet, beneficiation, dewatering, deslimming and etc. GN large vibrating screens including following:

1. Large double deck linear vibrating screens:

2023.10.10 Large Linear Vibrating Screen

2. Large Banana vibrating screens

2023.10.10 Large Banana Screen

3. Large Flip-flow vibrating screens.

2323.10.10 Large Flip Flow Screen

Same as all products manufactured by GN Solids Control and GN Separation, GN Vibrating Screens’ first and most impressive feature is their high quality. For example, in order to make sure the high strength of the screens’ side wall, GN designed with large side walls as a whole. The reinforcing ribs are screwed onto the side wall instead of welt on.
The screens, including screen panels and screen meshes, are made of polyurethane to increase the service life. All screens are made in GN screen factory, which has provided their products for oil and gas industry to more than 70 countries in the world.

GN Vibrating Screens could be widely used in metal minerals like iron ore, copper ore, lead ore, gold ore and etc. Industrial minerals including bentonite, carbon black, glass fiber and etc. Other materials like aggregate for construction, coal mine, sand, silica sand and so on.

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Separation Methods to be Used for Mining Beneficiation

The purpose of beneficiation is to separate the mining raw material into useful minerals and useless components.
In practice of mineral processing, some artificial methods are often used to enlarge differences in physical and chemical properties of minerals to help improve the separation efficiency. For example, to change the mineral magnetism by magnetizing roasting, to treat the surface of mineral is treated with acid and salt to selectively change the conductivity of some mineral, to change the natural wettability of minerals under help of various flotation reagents Besides above mentioned methords, the shape, particle size, hardness and color of minerals are also used as some special beneficiation standards.


Gloss is also often the basis for some special mineral processing methods. According to different ore types and requirements for beneficiation products, different beneficiation methods can be adopted in practice. Common mineral processing methods include gravity separation, magnetic separation, electric separation and flotation. The flotation method is the most widely used. Gravity separation method is widely used in the separation of black, non-ferrous, rare metals and coal; The magnetic separation method is mainly used for the separation of ferrous metals and rare metals. It can also be used to remove iron impurities from non-metallic mineral raw materials. It can also be used to purify production water, domestic water and the recovery of magnetite from heavy medium coal preparation; The electric separation method is used for the separation of nonferrous metal ores, rare metal ores, ferrous metal (iron, manganese, chromium) ores, and non-metallic ores (such as coal powder, diamond, graphite, asbestos, kaolin, talc, etc.).
Vibrating screens are widely used in different mining procedures including the preparation of mining rocks and the tailing treatment.
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Functions of Vibrating Screens in Mining Beneficiation

When talking about the function of vibrating screens in mining industry, we cannot bypass the beneficiation. As is known to all, useful minerals and useless gangue are usually coexisting with each other. People have to do something to separate them from each other, for example, the . procedure of crushing ores, then enriching useful minerals and discarding useless gangue. All these procedures are include in the topic of beneficiation. For example, for coal, the process of separating coal from grinding stone to obtain products of different quality is called coal preparation.

GN Vibrating Screens

In nature, except a few minerals which are liquid (such as mercury), most of them are in solid type. Solid minerals have certain crystal structure and physical and chemical properties. In raw ore or coal, the separation of useful components and useless gangue or grindstone through beneficiation is basically based on the differences in physical properties, surface physicochemical properties and chemical properties of minerals. Mineral properties directly related to mineral processing mainly include density, magnetism, conductivity, wettability, etc.


1. Density refers to the mass of mineral per unit volume, which is the basis for gravity concentration.
2. The magnetism of a mineral is the property that it is attracted or repelled by a magnet. General minerals can be divided into strong magnetic minerals (such as magnetite, etc.), weak magnetic minerals (such as hematite, etc.) and non-magnetic minerals (such as diamond, hematite, etc.). Mineral magnetism is the basis of magnetic separation.
3. Electrical conductivity refers to the electrical conductivity of minerals. Generally, minerals can be divided into good conductors, semiconductors and non-conductors, which are the basis for electrical separation.
4. Wettability refers to the property that minerals can be wetted by water. The minerals easily wetted by water are called hydrophilic minerals (such as quartz, calcite, etc.); On the contrary, it is called hydrophobic mineral (such as chalcocite, graphite, etc.). The natural wettability of minerals mainly depends on the crystalline structure of minerals.

Function of mining vibrating screens are working based on the physical properties of minerals.