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SMOPYC 2023, GN Separation Will Show Mining Vibrating Screen at C5-7, HALL 3

SMOPYC is a professional and high level exhibition in the world, which is held every three year in Zaragoza City in Spain. It is a show for public works, construction and mining machinery. Each time, there will be more than 1000 exhibitors show their products and services in SMOPYC and attracting more than 50000 visitors, most of whom are experts in such fields. Here is the website of SMOPYC:

Exhibition Position: A-2 Km, 311, 50012 ZARAGOZA, SPAIN
Duration: Nov. 22nd to 25th, 2023
GN Booth No.: C5-7, Hall 3

This year, for the SMOPYC, GN Separation will show one of its vibrating screen models, a dewatering vibrating screen with a small size, considering the booth space and oversea transportation. In fact, GN Separation has more than one type of mining vibrating screens, each type with several models for covering different working condition and serving various treating capacities, including following:

1.High frequency vibrating screens for fine screening. Those screens are designed with high frequency at 25hz. They are suitable for fine separating with screen opening size as small as 0.045mm. GN Separation has single deck vibrating screens and stack sizer models with 3/4/5 decks, sharing exactly same flexible screen meshes.

2.Middle sized mining vibrating screens for classification and dewatering. They are linear motion vibrating screens with polyurethane screen panels. Comparing with the high frequency fine screenings, they are larger in both screen machines’ dimensions and opening sizes.

3.Large vibrating screens. GN’s main products as large vibrating screens are of 3 types, the large linear motion screens, the large banana vibrating screens and large flip flow screens. Each model has its single deck and double deck ones, for producing 2 or 3 sized products. Based on given treating capacity and material weight and particle distribution, GN engineer will suggest a suitable model.

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IMARC 2023, GN Separation Showed Stack Vibrating Screen and Tailing Dewatering Centrifuge

In the past week, the yearly IMARC Exhibition was held in Sydney, Australia, it is an well known exhibition in mining industry and attracted visitors all over the world. In this IMARC 2023, GN Separation brought its vibrating screen and tailling dewatering decanter centrifuge to the exhibition and attracted quite a lot visitors. Also, GN’s old clients and friends came to the exhibition, and it is also the first show of GN Australia, the 3rd branch of GN outside China.

2023.11.04 GN stack vibrating screen

GN Separation was firstly established in year 2007. Although it is a fully private owned company, it developed quite rapidly and soon recognized and became popular in the market all over the world. In year 2013, GN started its own branch company in Houston, USA, which was the first solids control brand from China who settled in USA. In year 2016, GN set up the 2nd factory in China, in the same industry zone of the 2st factory, in order to increase the producing capacity for matching clients’ need. And in year 2023, GN Australia was established in Queensland and GN’s new factory, a modern and large facility with 80000 square meters area has been put into use. In this new factory, GN has large blanking machines and welding robots for fabricating. Both this mining vibrating screen and the decanter centrifuge shown in IMARC are manufactured there, origin from GN, China.

1.Mining Vibrating Screens: Mining is one of the 3 industries GN’s products are applied for, along with oil and gas and environment protection. Mining vibrating screens are one of the core products GN provided for mining industry. GN offers the full range of vibrating screens including the high frequency fine screening screens of single deck and stack sizers, middle sized vibrating screens for classification and dewatering, and large vibrating screens like flip-flow screening and banana screening.

2.Dewatering decanter centrifuges for tailing. Centrifuges are always one of GN’s popular products. In mining industry, they are mostly used in the tailing step for its efficiency in separating the extra solids particles. GN has large bowl centrifuges for this purpose.
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10 Sets Fully Hydraulic Drive Centrifuge for Drilling Mud  to North Africa 

GN Solids Control, the sister company of GN Separation, is one of the leading brands in oil and gas solids control industry. Just as the separation solutions GN Separation provided to clients, decanter centrifuge is also one of the core products GN Solids Control offer to the clients. Decanter centrifuge is a kind of efficient equipment for solids and liquid separation purpose, and each year, GN manufacture and sell around 200 sets of decanter centrifuges. Just recently, GN has delivered 10 sets of fully hydraulic decanter centrifuges to a client in North Africa.

2023.10.26 FHD Decanter Centrifuge 2

GN has a wide range of decanter centrifuges, the bowl diameter sizes are from 9 inch to 30 inch, in order to achieve different capacities. And for each bowl diameter, GN has bowl length-diameter ratios of 3 and 4 for option, in order to meet the different applications. Considering the different control types, there are electric driven models and hydraulic drive centrifuges. Among the electric driven ones, there are fixed speed models and VFD models for option. This time, the client from North Africa chose the fully hydraulic drive centrifuges, 10 sets in one purchase.

Comparing with electric driven centrifuges, the hydraulic drive centrifuges are more fluent in operating and are more suitable for extreme conditions such like the high temperature ambient in Middle East and Africa. GN Solids Control is one of a few centrifuge manufacturers who can make the fully hydraulic control panels. Normally, GN makes the hydraulic control panels for the 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuges and 18 inch big bowls. GN Brand is quite popular among the centrifuge end users in oil and gas industry, waste water industry, and mining.

You can find GN products in more than 90 countries in the world. And if you plan to buy from GN, you can contact GN branch companies in USA, in Australia, and in Russia. Also you are welcome to contact GN partners in lots of other countries. Welcome to contact GN for the nearest contact or you can also talk to GN Headquarter directly.

GN Headquarter is located in Hebei Province China, with 3 factories. The newest one is also the largest one, with 80000 square meters’ area and advanced facilities as blanking machines, automatic welding and large sandblasting and painting.
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