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GN Decanter Centrifuge Model GNLW554 Shipped to Overseas Customer

We are excited to announce the shipment of our 22-inch large drum decanter centrifuge, Model GNLW554, to an overseas customer. This state-of-the-art equipment, known as a horizontal screw decanter centrifuge, plays a crucial role in the industrial solid-liquid separation sector.

Versatile Applications

The GN decanter centrifuge is designed to cater to various industrial needs by offering three distinct types: dewatering, separation, and clarifying centrifuges. Each type is tailored to handle specific material characteristics, ensuring optimal performance in diverse industries.

Advanced Technology

One of the standout features of the GNLW554 model is its integration of centripetal pump technology. This advanced mechanism enables the centrifuge to perform efficient 3-phase separation, effectively separating two liquid phases and solid particles. This versatility makes it an invaluable asset for industries requiring precise and reliable separation processes.

Commitment to Quality

At GN, we are committed to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to our customers worldwide. The successful shipment of the GNLW554 model underscores our dedication to meeting the evolving demands of the global market, providing cutting-edge equipment that enhances operational efficiency.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact of the GNLW554 decanter centrifuge on our customer’s operations and continuing to support the industrial solid-liquid separation industry with our advanced technologies.

GN Chemical Dosing Unit Used for Sludge Dewatering

In a recent project, GN Separation has provided to a client in Europe a set of dewatering screw press unit for sludge treatment system for a client in Europe. This system contains 2 sections: a chemical dosing unit and a screw press machine. And the client ordered a comparably large model of both the chemical dosing and the screw press.

1.Chemical dosing unit. The chemical dosing unit is used for adding chemicals into the material to be treated, normally the material is in liquid form containing some extra fine particles to be removed. The smaller the particles are, the more difficult to separate them out. That’s why the chemical dosing unit is involved into the system. GN chemical dosing unit can be used to add both liquid chemicals and chemical in powder into the material based on the material’s characters and requested result after interaction. The dosing pumps can be controlled manually and automatically by choosing the modes on the control panel. There are several mixers used in the chemical dosing unit for prepare the liquid.

Based on jobsite request, GN can make chemical dosing unit of different capacities, which means, the model of chemical dosing unit is designed based on the volume of solutions, and the density of chemical is determined by the dosing pump, by inputting some data into the control system.

2.Screw press machine. The screw press is used to remove the particles from the liquid. After chemical dosing, the extra fine particles become large enough for the screw press to remove them. The working principle of the screw press is like to squeeze water from a towel. It is driven by a motor and inside there is a screw for squeezing. GN also has several models for option for matching different treating capacities.

Welcome to send more information about your project to GN team for a formal quote.

GN Solids Control Attended OTC in Houston, America

GN Solids Control is the head quarter of GN Solids America, which is a brand for solids control and waste management equipment and systems born in China and got popular in America since 12 years ago. As a responsible manufacturer, GN Solids Control and GN Solids America won the good reputation by providing clients with high quality equipment and good service.

Each year, under name of GN Solids Control and GN Solids America, GN group attends several exhibitions to show the market with GN core products. There are three exhibitions GN always attends during each year, including the CIPPE in Beijing in each March, OTC in Houston in May and ADEPEC in Abu Dhabi in November.

In year 2024, GN Solids America attended OTC showing following equipment:

  1. Decanter centrifuge GNLW363D. It is a best seller size in oil and gas industry for both solids control and waste management, comparing with GNLW363C, GN has improved some small details and makes the centrifuge more compact in structure. And the GNLW363D resumes to be of high quality with all GN centrifuges’ features as the Duplex stainless steel for the rotating bowl, tungsten carbide tiles for centrifuge propeller protection, SKF bearings and VFD control panels. GN can provide decanter centrifuges together with control cabinets per ATEX, IECEX and etc.
  2. Drilling mud shale shaker GNZS594J. The shale shaker is used for the first stage of drilling mud treatment in a solids control system, and they are used to remove the largest amount of drilling solids, GNZS594J shale shaker has 4 pieces of shaker screens with a total screen area of 2.74 square meters, and this shale shaker can work at a hgh G force up to 7.5G.
  3. Solids Vacuum Pump. Vacuum pump is called vacuum because it is driven by air, no need for any electricity. By using an air compressor, it can suck in the material with a negative force and push out the material with a positive force. It is also called solids pump because it can handle material with a high solids content and with large particle sizes.
  4. GN also showed the shaker screens.

Welcome to contact GN for more information.

Delivering Excellence: GN’s GNLW363D-FHD Hydraulic Centrifuge for Asian Clients

Innovative Separation Technology

GN is excited to announce the recent export of our GNLW363D-FHD fully hydraulic decanter centrifuge to a key client in Asia. As pioneers in the design and manufacture of decanter and three-phase centrifuges, GN has been setting industry standards since the 19th century. Our centrifuges operate on time-tested principles but are continuously enhanced with modern technology and materials.

Customized Solutions and Quality Materials

At GN, we understand that each separation task is unique. Therefore, we design our centrifuges to meet specific operational requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability. The GNLW363D-FHD features high-quality, durable materials that improve performance and extend the equipment’s lifespan. Our centrifuges excel in a variety of applications, from dewatering and thickening sludges to clarifying liquids and separating three-phase mixtures.

Advanced Control Systems

A standout feature of GN centrifuges is our integrated PLC and electrical control systems, designed in-house. This capability gives us a competitive edge in control technology, enhancing the performance and reliability of our equipment. Our control systems provide precise monitoring and adjustment, ensuring optimal separation results.

Wide Range of Applications

GN centrifuges are versatile, serving numerous industries with applications such as dewatering sludge, thickening mud, clarifying liquids, and classifying solids in wet suspensions by grain size. They are also adept at separating solids based on different densities and managing complex three-phase mixtures involving two immiscible fluids and a solid phase.

The GNLW363D-FHD fully hydraulic centrifuge exemplifies GN’s dedication to delivering superior separation solutions. With a focus on innovation and quality, we continue to meet the evolving needs of our clients worldwide, providing state-of-the-art centrifuge technology that enhances operational efficiency and productivity.

GN’s International Presence and Innovative Applications at IFAT Munich 2024

In the realm of environmental technology, IFAT Munich stands as a beacon, showcasing the latest and most advanced solutions since its inception in 1966. As the global summit for water, wastewater, waste, and raw materials management, the biennial event has grown into a 300,000 square meter extravaganza, equivalent to 42 soccer fields. Scheduled for May 13-17, 2024, at the Munich Trade Fair Centre, IFAT Munich 2024 is anticipated to host over 3,000 exhibitors, 55% of which hail from overseas, reflecting its commitment to fostering international collaboration.

At the heart of this environmental technology extravaganza, GN Solids Control, a leading manufacturer of industrial separation equipment, is set to make its presence felt at Booth 104-B in Hall A1. GN Separation Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of GN Solids Control, will be the focal point, demonstrating their cutting-edge solutions, particularly in the domain of sludge dewatering technology.

The star attraction at GN’s booth will be its flagship product, the sludge decanter centrifuge . This marvel of engineering is renowned for its unparalleled efficiency and reliability in managing municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and sludge disposal. The device is a testament to GN’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and resource preservation.

IFAT Munich’s international influence transcends its physical boundaries, becoming a global meeting point for professionals and decision-makers. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s a platform where industry giants display their innovations, and where the future of environmental technology is shaped. The 2024 edition promises an array of engaging events and seminars, fostering knowledge exchange and fostering a collaborative environment.

IFAT Munich, in its essence, aims to propel the growth of environmental technology, offering strategies and solutions for water conservation and sustainable use. It acts as a catalyst for the exchange of ideas, fostering cooperation that paves the way for long-term resource protection and efficient utilization. Attending IFAT Munich is, therefore, a golden opportunity for environmental technology professionals to stay abreast of industry trends and identify market opportunities.

GN’s participation in IFAT Munich 2024 is a strategic move that underscores its aspirations to enhance its international standing in the environmental technology market. By showcasing its prowess in sludge dewatering technology, GN is not only vying for a larger share of the global market, but also contributing to the advancement of global environmental protection efforts. This event, therefore, represents a significant milestone in GN’s journey, as it seeks to make a lasting impact on the world stage and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

In conclusion, IFAT Munich 2024 is set to be a landmark event in the global environmental technology landscape. With GN Solids Control’s commitment to innovation and its flagship product on display, the world will witness the power of technology in addressing pressing environmental challenges. As the industry gathers to share knowledge, forge partnerships, and showcase the latest advancements, GN’s presence will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, underscoring its dedication to driving progress and shaping the future of environmental sustainability.

GN Separation Attended Mining Turkey

GN Separation is a sister brand of GN Solids Control, who are professional in separating equipment manufacturing and also a solution provider for projects involving separation process. During 16 years of development, GN has exported to more than 70 countries in the world, some directly from GN, some through local partners.

GN Solids Control and GN Separation has been providing to Turkey market for many years. As a European country, Turkey has a high standard for choosing products and suppliers. That’s why GN could win out from peers and become a long term supplier and partner for Turkish companies.

The Mining Turkey is one of the most important exhibitions in the world in fields of mining, and it is the most important one in Turkey which is held every two years in Istanbul.

Turkey is a wonderful country full of resources including oil and gas, and various minerals and coals. In Turkey, the engineering technology is also advanced, and GN Separation’s high quality equipment can meet the need of Turkey industries.

For this Mining Turkey, GN brought to exhibition a stack sizer vibrating screen. What is a stack sizer and what are the features?

  1. A stack sizer is also a fine sizer. GN Stack sizers are equipped with polyurethane fine vibrating screen meshes, and the smallest mesh opening can be made as small as 0.045mm, which is 45 microns. So the stack sizer can be used for fine screening purpose.GN S
  2. A stack sizer is a compact choice comparing with the large capacity it can offer. By using a shared feeding unit and shared troughs for both overdeck and underdeck, the stack sizer can increase the capacity by 3 times or even 8 times of a single deck one.
  3. A stack sizer is designed for repulp in a processing for wet material, and by modifying a bit on its design, it can be used for dry separation, too.

For more information, welcome to contact GN directly.

GN Stack Vibrating Screen: Revolutionizing Fine-Grained Material Screening

At GN, innovation meets excellence in our Stack Vibrating Screen, tailored specifically for the rigorous demands of mineral processing, coal preparation, and beyond.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our Stack Vibrating Screen boasts a design driven by a single vibration source, harnessing the power of dual vibration motors. This unique approach, grounded in the principle of two-degree-of-freedom resonance, delivers seamless linear vibration across the entire machine.

Unparalleled Efficiency

With the flexibility to configure 2 to 5 layers, our Stack Vibrating Screen adapts effortlessly to on-site requirements. Its advanced vibration mode ensures energy efficiency, high screening efficacy, and substantial processing capacity.

Reliability Redefined

Engineered with simplicity and reliability in mind, our Stack Vibrating Screen sets the bar high in terms of performance and longevity. Its polyurethane screen mesh, boasting an impressive opening rate of 28-45%, ensures prolonged durability, with an average lifespan exceeding 6 months.

A Testament to Innovation

The GN Stack Vibrating Screen stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in fine-grained material screening. Its advanced technology, combined with a simple yet robust structure, makes it one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in its class.


In the realm of fine-grained material screening, GN Stack Vibrating Screen emerges as a game-changer, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and innovation. As we continue to push the boundaries of technological advancement, we remain dedicated to meeting and exceeding the evolving needs of our clients worldwide.

GN Solids America Excited to Showcase Innovative Solutions at 2024 OTC in Houston

Introduction: GN Solids America is thrilled to announce our participation in the 2024 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas. As a leading provider of solids control and waste management equipment, we look forward to showcasing our latest innovations and solutions at this premier event.

Event Details: The OTC will take place from May 6th to May 9th, 2024, at the NRG Center in Houston, Texas. Our booth, number 1926, will be a hub of activity, featuring live demonstrations and discussions on our cutting-edge products.

Featured Products: Among the products we will be showcasing are:

  1. Negative Pressure Vibrating Screen
  2. Drilling Fluid Centrifuge
  3. Mobile Solid Vacuum Pump
  4. Drilling Fluid Vibrating Screen Mesh

Why Visit GN’s Booth: Visitors to GN’s booth can expect to see firsthand how our innovative solutions can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve environmental sustainability in offshore operations. Our experienced team will be on hand to provide insights and answer any questions about our products and services.

Conclusion: Don’t miss the opportunity to explore GN’s advanced solids control and waste management solutions at the 2024 OTC in Houston. Join us at booth 1926 to discover how we can help optimize your offshore operations and drive success in the oil and gas industry. We look forward to welcoming you at the event!