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IMARC 2023, GN Separation Showed Stack Vibrating Screen and Tailing Dewatering Centrifuge

In the past week, the yearly IMARC Exhibition was held in Sydney, Australia, it is an well known exhibition in mining industry and attracted visitors all over the world. In this IMARC 2023, GN Separation brought its vibrating screen and tailling dewatering decanter centrifuge to the exhibition and attracted quite a lot visitors. Also, GN’s old clients and friends came to the exhibition, and it is also the first show of GN Australia, the 3rd branch of GN outside China.

2023.11.04 GN stack vibrating screen

GN Separation was firstly established in year 2007. Although it is a fully private owned company, it developed quite rapidly and soon recognized and became popular in the market all over the world. In year 2013, GN started its own branch company in Houston, USA, which was the first solids control brand from China who settled in USA. In year 2016, GN set up the 2nd factory in China, in the same industry zone of the 2st factory, in order to increase the producing capacity for matching clients’ need. And in year 2023, GN Australia was established in Queensland and GN’s new factory, a modern and large facility with 80000 square meters area has been put into use. In this new factory, GN has large blanking machines and welding robots for fabricating. Both this mining vibrating screen and the decanter centrifuge shown in IMARC are manufactured there, origin from GN, China.

1.Mining Vibrating Screens: Mining is one of the 3 industries GN’s products are applied for, along with oil and gas and environment protection. Mining vibrating screens are one of the core products GN provided for mining industry. GN offers the full range of vibrating screens including the high frequency fine screening screens of single deck and stack sizers, middle sized vibrating screens for classification and dewatering, and large vibrating screens like flip-flow screening and banana screening.

2.Dewatering decanter centrifuges for tailing. Centrifuges are always one of GN’s popular products. In mining industry, they are mostly used in the tailing step for its efficiency in separating the extra solids particles. GN has large bowl centrifuges for this purpose.
Welcome to contact GN Directly for separation solutions.

GN Linear Vibrating Screen for Domestic Core Drilling Fluids Cleaning

As long as the equipment is used for projects which involve separating works, there are something in common. For example, the drilling projects need to treat the slurry by removing the particles, and for mining projects there are vibrating screens used for collect certain particles with correct sizes. As a leading manufacturer and solution provider in separating works, GN Separation is able to suggest clients the most suitable equipment or system.

2023.07.21 dewatering vibrating screen linear motion

Just recently, GN Separation has finished the manufacturing for a vibrating screen system for a core drilling fluid cleaning project in domestic China. And the main equipment is a linear motion vibrating screen which was designed for mining. This machine, together with some other equipment, were used for core drilling fluids cleaning, including following:

1. Mining vibrating screen GNLMP 1224. It is a self-designed equipment with screen size nearly 3 square meters. GN has an advanced facility with cutting, welding and painting procedures. All side walls of the vibrating screen is made of a whole plates without any welding in order to ensure the strength. All screens are screen panels made of polyurethane and service life is longer than 6 months.

2. Customized mud gas separator. It is originally an equipment used in oil and gas drilling, for removing the gas from the drilling fluids. In fact, in other drilling works, there is some gas in the fluids shall be removed. This equipment is customized based on oil and gas mud gas separator, suitable for the core drilling.

3. Centrifugal pump GNSB6X5j-370c and collection tank. Centrifugal pump is anther core product of GN Separation for different applications. Also, GN has other pumps and conveyors available.

For more technical information or commercial information, welcome to contact GN team freely or visit GN factory.

Welcome to Visit GN Booth at CIME 2023 Mining Exhibition

In this hot July, there will be an international mining exhibition to be held in Shenyang City, the largest city in Northeast China. The full name of this Exhibition is CIME 2023, the 3rd Sino-foreign Mining Industry Chain Development Forum, which will be held from July 27th to 29th in Shenyang International Exhibition Center.


GN Separation will attend this exhibition, brining GN Vibrating Machines and other equipment used for mining industry.

About GN Separation: GN Separation is sister company of GN Solids Control, a leading brand in oil and gas solids control industry, which is exporting its products to 80+ countries in the world. GN Solids Control is mainly focusing on the drilling fluids solids control and waste management equipment and systems, while GN Separation covers other industries like mining, water treatment, food and beverage industry. Mining Vibrating Screens and Decanter Centrifuge are quite popular products for GN clients from mining industry.

For this CIME 2023, GN Separation will bring following equipment:


1. Stack vibrating screens. Stack vibrating screens are designed by GN team for wet screening, classification and dehydration of fine grained materials in mineral processing, coal preparation and etc. Two or more screen decks are stacked together, with same deck size and openings. The input material will be divided to each deck evenly and the output will be collected together. There is only one energy source for all decks. This design maximizes the usage of both the vibrating motors and the limited room.

2. Dewatering vibrating screen. Dewatering vibrating screen and classification vibrating screen are two kinds of GN middle sized vibrating screens. Their barriers are not so huge between the two kinds of screens. In fact, some clients are using classification vibrating screens for dewatering applications. But GN dewatering screen is more efficient with a slight modification.

3. Screen panels and screen meshes. The screen panels on the dewatering screen and screen meshes on stack vibrating screens are both manufactured by GN Separation. GN vibrating screen panels are polyurethane covered while GN vibrating screen meshes are fully polyurethane.

Welcome to meet GN team at GN Booth BT05 in Hall E3, from July 27th to 29th.

GN Separation will attend WATER PHILIPPINES 2023 Expo in March

Within 2 weeks, there will be a water exhibition to be held in Metro Manila, Philippines. GN Separation will attend this exhibition, bringing last year’s best seller equipment. Sure it will be a successful exhibition, so will GN.
As is known to all, Philippines is a beautiful country surrounded by sea in South Asia. It has rich water resources and the environment protection there is practical and strict. How to deal with waters is important there, and sure, should be important everywhere in the world.

Here is the information about the exhibition:
Website of Exhibition: https://www.waterphilippinesexpo.com/
Exhibition Schedule: from March 22nd to 24th , 2023
Location: Metro Manila, Philippines
GN Booth Number: H15 & 16

2023.02.10 gn solid vacuum pump

What equipment GN will bring to this Exhibition?

1. Mini Decanter Centrifuge GNLW223. GN has been a decanter centrifuge manufacturer for more than 15 years. In GN factory, there is a workshop used especially for decanter centrifuges. In this workshop, GN has a five axis machining center and two sets of dynamic balancing machines, a middle speed one and a high speed one. For all the centrifuge rotating parts, like the propeller and the rotating bowl, will be tested by dynamic balancing machines separately and after assembled together.
GN manufactures various centrifuges models, and this centrifuge GNLW223 is the smallest model.

2. Vacuum pump GNSP-10. It is a compact vacuum pump model, also the smallest model among the 3 models GN makes. It is fully air driven powerful pump which can take even solids like sands and small stones. It can be used for wide applications such like mining, oily sludge, animal waste, small construction materials, and etc. The GNSP-10 and GNSP 20 are equipped with wheels for more flexible.

3. Screw press sludge dewatering machine. It is a practical and economic solution for sludge treatment to squeeze out the liquid from the solid waste.

Welcome to GN Booth for negotiating and exploring future cooperation.

GN Separation will attend 27th Mining World Russia Expo in April

In the coming April, the 27th Mining World Russia will be held in Moscow. GN Separation will attend this fair, brining GN Mining Vibrating Screen and polyurethane screen panels.

Mining vibrating screens can be regarded as a large group, including several different types. Dividing by size, there are small models, middle size models, and large ones. Based on different structures, there are stack vibrating screens, linear motion vibrating screens and banana screens. Depending on the functions, there are vibrating screens for classification, for beneficiation, for dewatering and etc.

This time, GN Separation will bring to the exhibition a stack vibrating screens and screen panels.


1. Stack vibrating screen’s structure:

Stack vibrating screen is a self-designed equipment of GN Separation. It is called stack, because it can be made with 2 to 5 layers, and the exact layer number depends on the job site requirement because each layer has the same screen size and equipped by exactly same screen opening sizes.

2. Features of stack vibrating screens:

The material will enter each layer equally and to be separated at same time and to be discharged under same condition. And the products after separation are collected together. In this way, the separating capacity is doubled, tripled and even quadrupled in a limited space. It is also economic to use a stack shaker when considering the consumption of energy, cause all those screen layers are sharing 2 sets if vibrating motors.

3. Function of stack vibrating screens:

in fact, all mining vibrating screens are suitable for more than one function as the working principles are same. Stack vibrating screens are mostly used for wet separation, classification and fine grained material separation in a mineral processing.

Along with stack vibrating screens, GN Separation will also bring polyurethane screen panels to the exhibition.
Here is information about the exhibition:
Exhibition name:Mining World Russia
Schdule::April 25-27th, 2023.
Exhibition Center:Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1, halls 2, 3.