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GN’s Drilling Fluid Desander and Desilter: Enhancing Drilling Operations

Drilling fluid desander and desilter are vital secondary solids control equipment used in drilling operations. GN’s innovative solutions in this area have revolutionized the efficiency and effectiveness of drilling operations globally.

**Drilling Fluid Desander:**
The drilling fluid desander, a secondary solids control device, separates solid particles from drilling fluids. It typically utilizes cyclones with diameters of 6″ or larger, with common sizes being 10″ and 12″. These cyclones efficiently remove solid particles ranging from 47-76μm in size, enhancing the quality of the drilling fluid.

**Drilling Fluid Desilter:**
The drilling fluid desilter serves as a tertiary solids control device, further refining drilling fluids by separating finer solid particles. It utilizes cyclones with diameters typically smaller than 6″, with common sizes being 5″ and 4″. These cyclones target solid particles ranging from 15-47μm in size, ensuring the drilling fluid meets required specifications.

**GN’s Contribution to the Industry:**
GN’s drilling fluid desanders and desilters are widely used in oil drilling and horizontal directional drilling applications. Our advanced technology and customizable solutions cater to the diverse needs of drilling companies worldwide, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

**Sales to African Drilling Companies:**
GN’s small-scale desanders and desilters have recently been sold to drilling companies in Africa. This expansion into the African market reflects GN’s commitment to providing high-quality solutions to a global clientele.

In conclusion, GN’s  and desilter systems play a crucial role in improving drilling operations’ efficiency and environmental sustainability. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, GN continues to lead the way in the drilling equipment industry.

GN 5m3 Oily Sludge Treatment System for Middle East Customer

In recent years, the oil sludge treatment industry has witnessed a surge in demand, particularly in the Middle East, where the need for efficient and environmentally friendly solutions is paramount. This article explores the growth of the industry, focusing on the experiences of Chinese companies like GN,who have successfully catered to the region’s unique requirements. By examining their innovative solutions and strategies, we can gain insights into the future of oil sludge management not only in the Middle East but globally.

GN separation Customized Oil Sludge System for the Middle East

GN separation, a leading manufacturer of solids control equipment, recently delivered a 5-cubic-meter oil sludge treatment system to a satisfied Middle Eastern customer. The system, designed to meet the client’s specific needs, includes a premixing tank, a GNZS706 fine shaker, a GNLWS364 three-phase decanter centrifuge, and a containerized chemical dosing system. This advanced configuration ensures effective separation of oil, water, and solids while maintaining high oil recovery rates and minimizing waste.

The system’s design incorporates cutting-edge international technologies and standards, with engineers from GN working closely with the client’s technical team to fine-tune the solution based on their extensive field experience. Despite the rigorous discussions and rigorous testing, GN managed to deliver the systems within the promised timeframe, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction and the company’s operational efficiency.

GN’s oil sludge treatment system is a comprehensive package that includes various modules:

1. Pumping Module: A vacuum pump serves as the core, enabling the efficient transfer of solid and liquid materials.
2. Primary Screening Module: A mining sieve separates larger solids from the mixture.
3. Heating and Mixing Module: Equipped with heaters and mixers, this module enhances the flow and homogeneity of the oil sludge.
4. Vibrating Screen Module: Dual-layer sieves with different mesh sizes facilitate multiple stages of separation.
5. Horizontal Centrifuge Separation Module: Different centrifuge models cater to big solids content and fine solids content separation.                                                                                                6. Plate Centrifuge Module: Further separates oil, water, and solids, resulting in high-purity oil.
7. Chemical Dosing Module: Adds chemicals to enhance emulsion breakdown and flocculation, improving separation efficiency.

This system is designed to handle high viscosity and solid content, breaking down oil sludge into its constituent parts while recovering valuable oil, reducing waste, and conserving resources, thereby aligning with contemporary environmental standards.

Market Analysis in the Middle East and Africa

Industry data from 2018 to 2029 reveals a growing demand for oil sludge treatment systems in the Middle East and Africa, indicating a promising market for innovative solutions. This trend underscores the importance of continuous product innovation and adaptation to local needs.



nvitation to MiningVietnam 2024 Exhibition–Join Us at Indoor A45!

We are excited to extend a warm invitation to all attendees of MiningVietnam 2024 to visit our booth at Indoor A45. As a leading provider of mining equipment, we are thrilled to showcase our latest innovations in the field.

Discover Our Product Range

At our booth, you will have the opportunity to explore our comprehensive range of products tailored for the mining industry. Highlights include our mining vibrating screens, vacuum pumps, and customizable screen meshes. Our products are designed to enhance efficiency, improve productivity, and optimize operations in mining applications.

Meet Our Team

Our knowledgeable team will be on hand to provide insights into our products, discuss your specific requirements, and explore potential collaborations. Whether you are seeking solutions for coal processing, mineral separation, or waste management, we have the expertise and products to meet your needs.

Schedule a Meeting

We invite you to schedule a meeting with us during the exhibition to dive deeper into how our products can benefit your operations. We are eager to learn more about your challenges and goals, and tailor our solutions to address them effectively.

Contact Us

Can’t wait to meet us at MiningVietnam 2024? Feel free to reach out to us in advance to schedule a meeting or inquire about our products. You can contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth at MiningVietnam 2024 and showcasing our cutting-edge products designed to drive success in the mining industry.

GN Separation will Attend Mining Vietnam 2024 in April

GN Separation will attend this Mining Vietnam 2024 for the first time as a manufacturer in field of Mining. GN Separation is a branch company of GN Solids Control, which has been one of the leading manufacturers in oil and gas solids control equipment and systems for more than 15 years. Mining Vibrating Screens is another group of equipment GN provides to the market, besides the solids control and waste management in oil and gas and environment protection equipment. In a word, GN is a separation solution provider.

Mining Vietnam is the most professional exhibition in Vietnam, which is held every two years in Hanoi International Exhibition Center. It has the same host as the Mining Indonesia. It is also one of the largest exhibitions in Vietnam. As the rapid development of the industry in Vietnam, the requests for the energy and resources are more and more important. Vietnam is active in oil and gas, coal mine, mineral mines and silica sands.

GN Separation has been working with Vietnam market for more than 10 years, and has provided to Vietnam the solids control systems for offshore and also the mud recycling systems for pipe jacking. Now GN Separation is entering mining industry in Vietnam. Here is the information of this exhibition and GN’s booth:

Exhibition Name: Mining Vietnam 2024
Website of Exhibition:
Time of Exhibition:24th to 26th, April 2024
Address:NECC in Hanoi, Vietnam
GN Booth Number: A45.
Welcome to email to for meeting.

GN products for Mining Industry:
1.High frequency vibrating screens with single deck and stack sizers.
2.Middle sized vibrating screens for classification and dewatering.
3.Large vibrating screens including banana screens, flip flow screens and linear motion models.
4.Big bowl decanter centrifuges for extra particle and mining tailing.
5.Vacuum pump for transferring.

Introducing GN Solids Control’s Vertical Cuttings Dryer System for Middle East Client

GN Solids Control is pleased to announce the successful manufacturing and deployment of a Vertical Cuttings Dryer System for a valued client in the Middle East. This cutting-edge system represents a significant advancement in waste management technology for the oil and gas industry.

Advanced Waste Management Solutions

The Vertical Cuttings Dryer System comprises several key modules, including the Vertical Cuttings Dryer GNCD930G, GNLW363D-VFD Decanter Centrifuge, two Screw Pumps, three Screw Conveyors, and stands designed for secure equipment operation.

Efficient Solids-Liquid Separation

At the heart of the system lies the Vertical Cuttings Dryer GNCD930G, renowned for its exceptional capability to separate liquids from solids efficiently. This feature significantly reduces drilling waste volume, offering substantial cost savings and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Precision Control and Enhanced Efficiency

Complementing the Vertical Cuttings Dryer is the GNLW363D-VFD Decanter Centrifuge, equipped with a variable frequency drive for precise control over solid-liquid separation. This allows operators to adjust centrifugal force according to drilling conditions, maximizing fluid recovery while minimizing waste.

Seamless Waste Transfer

The system’s efficiency is further enhanced by two Screw Pumps and three Screw Conveyors, meticulously designed for the seamless transfer of drilling waste to the separation equipment. Their robust construction ensures reliable performance even in demanding oilfield applications.

Tangible Benefits for Clients

This deployment underscores GN Solids Control’s commitment to providing tailored solutions to meet clients’ unique requirements. By integrating our cutting-edge equipment, the Middle East client is poised to achieve a streamlined, environmentally friendly waste management process, aligning seamlessly with operational objectives and regulatory mandates.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from GN Solids Control as we continue to drive innovation in the oil and gas industry.

GN Separation will Attend MiningWorld Russia 2024 in April

Miningworld Russia is one of the most highly anticipated events in the mining industry, and in 2024, GN separation  is proud to announce its participation in this prestigious exhibition. As a leading provider of equipment and solutions for the mining sector, GN is set to showcase its latest innovations and technologies at the event.

GN will bring the mining vibrating screen ,stacksize vibrating screen and screens as well in the  exhibition as well.

With the event dates set for 23-25 April 2024, Miningworld Russia will be held at the renowned Crocus Expo in Moscow, specifically in Pavilion 1. This prime location provides the perfect setting for industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to come together and explore the latest advancements in the mining sector.

GN’s booth, designated as B5001 in Hall 2, will serve as a hub of activity and innovation. Visitors to the booth can expect to see a wide range of products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of the mining industry. From cutting-edge equipment to innovative solutions for increased efficiency and productivity, GN is dedicated to providing the best in class offerings for its customers.

At Miningworld Russia, GN will also have the opportunity to engage with industry peers, experts, and potential clients. The event serves as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, making it an invaluable opportunity for GN to showcase its expertise and establish meaningful connections within the industry.

As the countdown to Miningworld Russia 2024 begins, GN is gearing up to make a lasting impression at the event. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, GN is poised to make a significant impact on the mining industry and solidify its position as a trusted partner for mining companies worldwide.

Don’t miss the chance to visit GN’s booth at Miningworld Russia 2024 and discover the future of mining technology. Join us at B5001 in Hall 2 and experience firsthand the cutting-edge solutions that GN has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth and exploring the endless possibilities of the mining industry together.

GN Solids Control at 2024 Beijing CIPPE Oil Equipment Show: A Successful Conclusion

GN Solids Control is delighted to announce the successful culmination of its participation in the 2024 Beijing CIPPE Oil Equipment Show. Our presence at this prestigious event was a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of solids control equipment.

### Strength in Manufacturing

One of GN Solids Control’s key strengths lies in the manufacturing of high-quality mud drilling and mining equipment. Our range of products, including decanter centrifuges and vibrating screens, has garnered widespread acclaim for its reliability and efficiency.

### Global Reach and Trust

With exports to over ninety countries worldwide, GN Solids Control has established a formidable presence in the international market. Our equipment’s widespread adoption is a testament to the trust placed in us by a diverse array of users.

In conclusion, our participation in the 2024 Beijing CIPPE Oil Equipment Show provided us with an excellent platform to showcase our capabilities and connect with industry stakeholders. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers with innovative solutions that meet their evolving needs.

GN Solids Control for 2024 Beijing CIPPE Oil Equipment Show 

CIPPE 2024 was successfully held in this spring in Beijing as scheduled. GN Solids Control has been attending this exhibition for 15 years ever since GN was established. CIPPE is the largest exhibition in the oil and gas industry in China, and also one of the largest in the world. It attracted visitors from the whole Asia and Russia.

As one of leading brands for oil and gas solids control manufacturers in the world, GN has a stand of 260 square meters, and as always, GN’s booth is at E2168. During years of restructuring of the whole market, some players in this industry has vanished and some news are emerging, while GN Solids Control is developing stably and rapidly, bringing to the market new designs and better solutions.

For this exhibition, GN brought to the booth following equipment:
1.Middle sized decanter centrifuge GNLW 363. Among all GN decanter centrifuges, this one is a middle sized one, but it is also the most popular model in oil and gas industry, especially for the waste management treatment for drilling cuttings.
2.Vacuum pump. It is not only used for oil and gas industry, but also for other functions in oily sludge treatment, sands, animal waste and etc. It is a powerful pump driven by air and the only size limit is the diameter.
3.Shale shaker and high G shaker. Shale shaker is one of GN’s core products, and also the mining vibrating screens, cause screening is always one of the most important way in the separating process.
4.A section of screw conveyor. It is an important auxiliary equipment in a waste management system, used for collecting and transferring cuttings between treating equipment. GN’s screw conveyors are self designed with some special features.

For this exhibition, GN also showed a centrifuge rotating bowl assembly. In this way, visitors can have a more clear view of the structure of decanter centrifuge. And it is a proud thing that all the producing of this highly rotating gentle part is made by GN.

For more information, welcome to contact GN team or visit GN factory near Beijing.

Discover Cutting-Edge Separation Solutions at IE Expo China 2024

We are thrilled to announce that GN Separation Equipment Co., Ltd will be participating in the prestigious IE Expo China 2024, to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) from April 18th to 20th, 2024. As a leading player in the field of separation technology, GN Separation is poised to showcase its formidable capabilities and innovative solutions tailored for industries such as petroleum and natural gas exploration, mining, and wastewater treatment.

At Booth N4-H46\I46 in Hall 4, visitors will have the opportunity to explore our diverse range of cutting-edge products. Among the highlights are our Decanter Centrifuge GNLW554, renowned for its superior performance in solids-liquid separation, and the versatile 3 Phase Decanter GNLW364, ideal for applications requiring efficient separation of three-phase materials. Additionally, our Disc Separator 90 and Solids Vacuum Pumps GNSP-40 and GNSP-10 will be on display, demonstrating our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

With a focus on innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, GN Separation has established itself as a trusted partner for industries worldwide. We invite you to visit our booth at IE Expo China 2024 to discover how our advanced separation solutions can elevate your operations to new heights. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with industry experts, explore our latest offerings, and witness firsthand the power of GN Separation technology. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth and forging mutually beneficial partnerships. See you at IE Expo China 2024!


Innovative Mechanical Principles of Oilfield Drilling Cuttings Dryer System Sold to Middle East Customers

The oilfield drilling cuttings dryer system is an essential component in the oil and gas industry, especially in the Middle East where oil production plays a significant role in the economy. This system consists of various equipment, including the GNCD930G shale shaker, the GNLW363D-VFD horizontal decanter centrifuge, two screw pumps, three screw conveyors, and a set of centrifuge and dryer skids. In this article, we will delve into the innovative mechanical principles behind these components and how they contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the oilfield drilling cuttings dryer system.

GNCD930G Shale Shaker:
The GNCD930G shale shaker is a vital part of the oilfield drilling cuttings dryer system, designed to separate solids from drilling fluid. It utilizes a vibrating screen to remove large particles and debris from the drilling mud, ensuring that the fluid can be reused in the drilling process. The innovative mechanical principle behind the shale shaker lies in its high G-force and adjustable deck angle, which allows for optimal separation efficiency and performance. This feature is crucial in ensuring that the drilling cuttings are effectively dried and disposed of, reducing environmental impact and increasing overall drilling efficiency.

GNLW363D-VFD Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge:
The GNLW363D-VFD horizontal decanter centrifuge is another key component of the oilfield drilling cuttings dryer system, responsible for further dewatering and drying the cuttings. This centrifuge operates on the principle of centrifugal force, where the high-speed rotation of the bowl separates solids from liquids based on their density. The innovative mechanical design of the decanter centrifuge includes variable frequency drive (VFD) technology, allowing for precise control of the bowl speed and differential speed, resulting in enhanced performance and flexibility. This feature is essential in handling a wide range of drilling cuttings and ensuring optimal drying efficiency for different types of drilling mud.

Screw Pumps and Screw Conveyors:
The oilfield drilling cuttings dryer system also includes two screw pumps and three screw conveyors, which play a crucial role in transporting and processing the drilling cuttings. The screw pumps are used to transfer drilling mud and cuttings from one process to another, while the screw conveyors are responsible for moving the dried cuttings to the disposal area. The innovative mechanical design of these components includes high-quality materials, precision engineering, and efficient motor systems, ensuring reliable and continuous operation in the harsh conditions of the oilfield environment. This ensures that the drilling cuttings are effectively managed and disposed of, meeting environmental regulations and industry standards.

Centrifuge and Dryer Skids:
The centrifuge and dryer skids are the final components of the oilfield drilling cuttings dryer system, consisting of a set of centrifuge and dryer units mounted on a skid for easy transportation and installation. These skids are designed with innovative mechanical features, such as integrated control systems, safety mechanisms, and ergonomic design, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance of the equipment. The centrifuge and dryer skids are essential in providing a complete and integrated solution for drying and disposing of drilling cuttings, meeting the requirements of Middle East customers for high-performance and reliable equipment in their oilfield operations.

In conclusion, the oilfield drilling cuttings dryer system sold to Middle East customers incorporates innovative mechanical principles in its components, including the GNCD930G shale shaker, GNLW363D-VFD horizontal decanter centrifuge, screw pumps, screw conveyors, and centrifuge and dryer skids. These components are designed to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of the system, ensuring optimal drying and disposal of drilling cuttings in the oilfield operations. By understanding the mechanical principles behind these components, Middle East customers can make informed decisions about the selection and use of oilfield equipment that meets their specific requirements and contributes to the sustainability of their drilling operations.