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GN Solids Vacuum Pump in Stock Meets the Spot Sales

GN Solids Control and GN Separation are 2 brands under GN company, which are both professional separation solution provider respectively for oil and gas industry and other industries like environment protection, mining, water treatment, animal waste treatment and etc.

2023.03.03 pit sludge transfer pump

GN’s products could be grouped in 2 catalogs: separating and conveying. For separating, there are equipment for liquid and solid separation, like shale shakers, mud cleaners with hydrocyclones, two phase decanter centrifuges, screw press and etc. For mud and gas separation, there are mud gas separation, vacuum degasser and centrifugal degasser. For oil and water separation, there are oil water separator, three phase centrifuge and etc. And there is also chemical dosing system which is used to help with separation. For conveying equipment, GN produces screw conveyor and various pumps, including shearing pump, centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump and screw pumps. Among all the pumps, the vacuum pump is a quite special one and also the most popular one.

1.GN Vacuum Pump is fully air driven, that’s why it is called vacuum pump. It is generated by an air compressor, with a negative force, it can suck in the material. And with a positive force, it will push out the material to a certain distance. It needs no electricity at all, so it is fully explosive proof.

2.GN vacuum pump is also called a solid pump, because it can handle solids particles easily, as long as the particles can pass the pipelines. The material to be transferred need to be liquidate, while liquid is not a must. For example, the sands or small stones can be transferred by the vacuum pump easily.

3.GN Vacuum pump can be used for different applications, including oily sludge industry, refinery, animal waste, chemical transferring, minerals, coal powders and etc.

Clients from different industries are coming to GN for purchasing this pump. That’s why, for the 3 standard models, GN are making stock for quick delivery for clients. Please contact GN team for confirming the soonest delivery time.