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Screw Conveyors and Screw Pumps for African Drilling Waste Management Company

In a recent project, GN Solids Control has provided to an old client from Africa a serious of equipment. Those equipment are to be used for drilling waste management projects. They are kind of customized models including following:

2021.9.6a Screw Conveyor

1. 10 sets Variable Speed Screw Conveyor: 7x GNSC12B-12V and 3x GNSC12B-24V. Screw conveyors are quite widely used for transferring materials in a drilling rig system or in a drilling waste management system, or in both, especially when the drilling cuttings waste management system is located along with rig and work at same time. For example, one screw conveyor can be located horizontally under the shale shakers for collecting the cuttings, then a tilt positioned one is used to receive the cuttings and feed to the vertical cuttings’ dryers inlet hopper. Variable speeds are important for the screw conveyors, because the mud condition is changing and capacity is varying, too. A speed adjustable solution can help to solve this problem and allow the screw conveyors to be suitable for more conditions.

2. 8 sets Variable Speed Screw Pump. Same as screw conveyors, the screw pumps are used for feeding the treating equipment, too. The screw conveyor is used for the vertical cuttings dryers, and the screw pump is used for the decanter centrifuge. GN has VFD controlled screw pump and mechanical speed adjustable screw pumps for option. For example in the positive pressurized control panel of a GNMS-363 decanter centrifuge, there are 3 VFD’s applied, respectively for centrifuge bowl, centrifuge back motor and the screw pump for feeding.

3. 10 sets Control Boxes. Control boxes are also one of core products GN provides. GN Solids Control is a certified electric control panel manufacturer for both non-explosive proof control panels and explosive proof control panels, including CNEX, ATEX and IECEX.
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Vacuum Loading Solids Transfer Pump to Europe Client

You might not have heard about a vacuum loading solids transfer pump because of the long name used for describe such a powerful pump. But if I mention about a vacuum pump, a solids pump, an air driven slurry pump, it becomes familiar for you. Cause in recent years, those vacuum loading solids transfer pumps are becoming so popular.
This transfer pump can handle for different applications, for wet materials including but not limited to: oily sludge transfer, slurry transfer, tank bottom mud cleaning, animal waste and etc. For dry materials, it can work even better and wider with active carbon, sands, small stones and etc.

2021.08.24 Solids Transfer Pump
This solids pump allows in quite big particles, that’s why it is called a solids pump. The only limit to the incoming material size is the pipe diameter, and GN Solids Pumps can handle particles up to 75mm with a GNSP-40B pump.
It is also called a vacuum pump because it is driven by air only. It doesn’t have a motor for energy, instead, it uses compress air for make a vacuum inside the pump and suck in the material, and also, it pushes out the material with air force. That’s why it is suitable for explosive environment.

Which model is most suitable?
It depends on several factors:

1. Distance from the material’s original location and the distance to where you need to transfer the material. A GNSP-40 vacuum pump can even deliver the material to 1000 meters away, and the smaller models can deliver to 500 meters.
2. Transferring capacity: there are 3 optional models respectively with capacity of 10 cbm per hour, 20 cbm per hour and 40 cbm per hour.
3. Movable or not: if the jobsite is comparably fixable, and you need a larger capacity, then the GNSP-40B will be the most suitable. Well if you need to move the pump as a pulley, the GNSP-10B and GNSP-20B are more suitable cause they are equipped with wheels.
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