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Mini Solids Vacuum Pump and Mini Decanter Centrifuge for International Customer

When you talk about something mini, what do you think? For example, a mini iphone 13, what image do you think? Yes, of course, a mini something means the same function with a more compact structure, a portable one or at least more flexible one. Have you ever considered a mini solids vacuum pump or a mini decanter centrifuge? In fact, just days ago, GN has supplied to an international customer such equipment, both in mini sizes, a vacuum pump and a decanter centrifuge.

2022.04.01 Mini Solids Pump

1. Solids vacuum pump. A solids vacuum pump is a quite powerful pump which is used for transferring medium with large particles. It is widely used in many different applications and places because of those features: first, it allows material with quite large particles with only limit as the pump’s pipeline diameter. Second, it can transfer to a quite large distance, for example, a small pump can transfer water to 500 meters away horizontally, and a large pump of 40cbm per hour, can even transfer water to 1000 meters away. Thirdly, it is suitable for different Explosive Proof conditions cause it is not driven by electricity.

A mini vacuum pump is equipped by wheels and a handle, which is flexible to be used for tank bottom cleaning by insert its inlet pipe into the tank.

2. Decanter centrifuge. Decanter centrifuges are quite efficient machines used for separating the solids particles from liquid thoroughly. The cutting point is determined by the bowl rotating speed. A middle speed decanter centrifuge can separate particles from 5 to 7 microns while a high speed one can remove particles from 2 to five microns. The decanter centrifuges’ capacity depends on the centrifuge size, especially the bowl diameter. The larger diameter it has, the larger capacity it can handle. A mini decanter centrifuge in GN equipment range is a 9 inch diameter one, and GN has all popular models available, such as 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and even 30 inch.

This client who purchased both mini vacuum pump and mini centrifuge is planning to use those equipment for tank cleaning, respectively for pumping out and treating of the sludge.

Liquid Mud Plant Provided by GN Solids Control

Liquid mud plant is also called LMP, which is used for preparing, storage and treatment of the drilling mud. In a complete liquid mud plant, there should be 3 mainly drilling mud tanks for different purpose:


1. Mixing Tank.

Mixing tanks are always cuboid shaped mud tanks equipped by mud mixing hoppers. Those hoppers are always Venturi hoppers linked to centrifugal pumps. When pump is sucking mud from one compartment to another, and when mud is passing the Venturi hopper, there will be a sucking force to suck in the chemicals from the hopper.
Mixing tanks have mud agitators and mud guns, too, for stirring up the mud in order to prevent settling down. Meanwhile, there are also pumps for transferring the prepared mud from mixing tank to others.

2. Treating tanks.

When used mud is delivered to the liquid mud plant, the dirty mud shall be treated by separation equipment in order to remove the particles and to be returned to the storage tanks. The separation equipment are mainly shale shakers and decanter centrifuges, and when there are extra fine particles, there should be chemical dosing for flocculating.

3. Storage tanks.

Storage tanks are not complicated in pipelines and always using single guardrails. There are no divided compartments inside a storage tank and the most commonly used equipment are mud agitators and mud guns. Both mud agitators and mud guns are used continuously for stirring the drilling mud from being settled down to the tank bottom. Clean mud will be safely storage in those tanks.

GN Solids Control has 2 kinds of storage tanks available, the cuboid shaped ones and the cylinderic ones, each type has its own advantages.

If you have such project or tender, welcome to contact GN team for consultancy or quotation.

Complete System for Both Mud Recovery and Slurry Treatment

As leading manufacturer for drilling mud solids control and drilling sludge treatment equipment and a professional solution provider, GN Solids Control has designed and put into reality a complete system for both mud recovery and slurry treatment which is suitable for for mud preparation, mud recovery and clarification, mud weight control, mud storage until slurry treatment in horizontal drilling and pipe jacking industries. This system is combined by following components:

3 2021.11.24 Solids Control System

1. Mud tanks: This systme is equipped by several mud tank skids with effective tank volume≥25m³. They are suitable for transportatiaon inside containers and being lifted at jobsite.

2. Shale shakers. A single shale shaker’s designed capacity is larger than 120m³/h, with vibrating motors with total power 3.44KW. Each system has 2 or 3 shale shakers depended by the requested capacity. The shakers are well sealed and easy for changing screens and spare parts. During transportation, the shakers are to be removed from tank and to be shipped inside container.

3. Mud cleaner: Mud cleaner is a combination of both desander and desilter. The capacity of desander and desilter are in complianc with the total system’s request and achieved by certain quantity of cyclones. Both desander and desilter share the same drying screen on below, with screen area of 2.63 square meters. Total power 3.44kw.
4. Decanter centrifuge: there is a big bowl decanter centrifuge located after the desilter cones. The cutting point of decanter centrifuge is 2 to 5 microns, which is suitable for remove the fine particles from the drilling mud. In this system, there are big bowl centrifuges adopted, with 18 or 22 inch bowl diameter.

5. Chemical dosing system: in case there are extra fine particles in the drilling mud, we have to invite a chemical dosing system with polymer injected into the drilling fluids in order to flocculate the extra particles to be within the centrifuge’s treating range. The chemical dosing system is designed inside a 20 ft container for easy transportation and layout.

6. Jet mud mixing unit: a jet mud mixing unit is used in this system for prepare new mud by adding drilling chemicals into the clarified driling mud.

Welcome to consult with GN team for more information.

Drilling Fluids Shale Shaker and Mud tank for Offshore Drilling Company

As the crude oil price is increasing stably, the numbers of active drilling rigs is on a rise, too. Among which, quite a lot are offshore rigs working on offshore platforms. Under the oceans, the crude oil reservation is remarkable, and lots of oil companies are joining to the offshore drilling industry. In order to take into consideration of environment protection purpose while drilling, the drilling mud shall be treated in time and to leave the waste to the least.
GN Solids Control has been providing offshore drilling companies for years with the high quality and compact designed mud recycling system. Here is information of a recent project:

2022.02.17 Offshore Mud System

1. In this project, the main equipment is shale shaker. Shale shakers are most important for a drilling mud system, which remove most solids particles from the recycled drilling mud. GN has different models of shale shakers, from the mini shale shaker with 2 pcs of screens to the double deck shale shaker with 2 layers holding 6 pcs of shaker screens. Each shale shaker is equipped with 2 vibrating motors, with total power less than 4kw. And the feeding for shale shaker is easy cause the mud flows directly from drilling. There is even no need for an extra pump.

2. Mud tanks are another main component for this system. They are used to receive the clean mud for next cycling. By using the jet mud mixer along with the tanks, the new chemicals can be added into the mud system.
It is clear that there are no desander or desilter cones in this system, for one thing, comparing with shale shakers, the desanding or desilter cyclones are less efficient. For the other, both desander and desilter cones need large power centrifugal pumps for feeding.

In this case, the client can collect the drilling solids waste to a vertical cuttings dryer or decanter centrifuge for drying before discharge. And also the drilling fluids can be retreated by decanter centrifuge when there are fine particles in the fluids after several cycles.

For more information, welcome to contact GN directly.

Three Oil Rig Drilling Waste Management Equipment for Nigeria Drilling Company

Just recently, GN has delivered three complete sets of oil rig drilling waste management equipment for a drilling company in Nigeria. In Nigeria and other African countries, there are strict laws to regulate the drilling activities especially when taking environment protection in consideration. In Nigeria, along with each drilling rig, there should be a complete set system for waste management, including drilling cuttings waste management and drilling fluids separation.

Drilling cuttings are mainly from the shale shaker. Shale shakers take the heaviest burden in a solids control system, removing most and largest solids particles. But there is one problem that the cuttings discharged from the shale shaker are always quite wet. The cuttings must be well treated before discharge. For one thing, if the wet cuttings are discharged directly, the chemicals on cuttings will damage the environment badly. For the other, the liquid phase on cuttings is drilling fluids, which are quite expensive. Disposal of them means disposal money.

2021.12.11 Vertical Cuttings Dryer

GN has an efficient solution to help solve those problems:

1. GNCD930 Vertical cuttings dryer. This is used for reducing the oil on cuttings, which means, to dry the cuttings before disposal. In this way, the OOC could reduce to below 0.5%. It is quite popular for oil based mud cuttings’ treatment。

2. GNLW363 Decanter centrifuge. After the vertical cuttings dryer, the liquid phase still contains lots of fine particles, and not clean enough to be return to the drilling system. In this case the high speed decanter centrifuge is used to remove the fine particles from the liquid phase discharged from vertical cuttings dryer.

3. Telescopic skids for both decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryer to allow the liquid phase to fall directly to their containers

4. Feeding and conveying equipment for the GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryers and GNLW363 decanter centrifuges. In a complete waste management system, there are screw conveyors for feeding the vertical cuttings dryer and screw pumps for feeding decanter centrifuge.

In this single PO, there are 6 sets of high speed centrifuges, 3 sets vertical cuttings dryers, 15 screw conveyors and 6 screw pumps included.


Drilling Rig Solids Control Equipment shippped to Oilfield Service Company

Solids Control systems and equipment are quite important for a successful drilling project. An efficient solids control system can helps to remove solids particles out of the drilling mud. In this way, the expensive drilling mud could be reused in future drilling. What is included in a complete solids control system?

2021.11.18 Shale Shaker

A complete solids control system, especially for a large power horse drilling rig, should have following equipment divided per tanks:

1. The trip tank. Per certain rig size, there should be a certain amount of drilling mud to be prepared, but during drilling, there is always some mud loss because of drilling or because of mud separation. So there should be a trip tank holding well prepared mud for compensate the mud loss. For the trip tank, there is always a mud agitator and a centrifugal pump as trip pump.

2. Settle tank or also called the shaker tank. Shale shakers are the first step separation of the solids control system, they are used to remove the most solids from the drilling mud with suitable vibrating G force and screen mesh. On a long shaker tank, after the shale shakers, there should be a degasser to remove the bubbles generated during drilling to ensure the safety and to protect the pumps in following steps. If there is a mud cleaner in this system, it should be on this tank, too. A mud cleaner is a combination of desanding cones and desilter cones fed by centrifugal pumps.

3. Active tank. It is a tank for decanter centrifuge. The decanter centrifuge is located after the mud cleaner, to do the barite recovery or fine particle separation. It is always fed by a submersible slurry pump or a screw pump

4. Suction tank for mixing and reserve tank for storage.

For more information, welcome to contact GN directly.

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021

WEFTEC 2021 was successfully held in America and it attracted quite a lot professional visitors. Among water treatment, an efficient separation is non-doubt an important procedure. GN Solids America has participated in the exhibition and brought to the event 2 compact but handy machines: GNLW224ET decanter centrifuge and GNSP-20B vacuum pump.

GN Solids America Participated In WEFTEC 2021 (3)

GNLW is the model GN Solids Control and GN Solids America name their decanter centrifuges, they are 2 phase decanter centrifuges designed with high speed rotation ability. In the code GNLW224, 22 shows the bowl diameter which is 22 inch and the 4 means the bowl length and diameter ratio. The 4 ratio is larger than 3. For each centrifuge size, GN has both 3 and 4 available. Among the whole GN centrifuge models, there are GNLW363 and GNLW364 decanter centrifuge with 14 inch diameter bowls, GNLW452, GNLW453 and GNLW454 with 18 inch bowl diameter, GNLW553 and GNLW554 with 18 inch bowl and GNLW764 with 30 inch huge bowl.

GNSP-20P is a middle sized vacuum pump. Vacuum pump is also called solids pump because of its high ability for allowing large particles. Unless other pumps, the solids pumps can handle even dry material like sand and small stones. The only size limit is the pipeline size. And by using only compressed air as driven force, those vacuum pumps don’t need electricity. They can be used in Explosive Proof conditions for CNEX, IECEX and ATEX. There are mainly 3 models of GNSP vacuum pumps, the largest one is GNSP-40B with capacity 40cbm per hour, and the other 2 models are respectively 20 cbm per hour and 10 cbm per hour, the 2 smaller models are equipped by wheels for flexible use.

GN Solids America is located in Houston, TX in USA, with warehouse and stock for main equipment. Welcome to visit GN Team there.

Construction Slurry Dewatering System Working for North America Waste Management Company

As leading separation solution provider, GN Solids Control has designed and provided separation systems to different industries. Recently, GN just fabricated a new system for a large construction project in North America, including following:

Construction Slurry Dewatering System Working in North America_

1. Coarse shaker: coarse shale shakers are equipped by rubber screens or gap screens with large openings to remove the large objects. If those large things falls into the tank, it will increase the burden for the shale shaker and also damage the pump.

2. GNZS706F Double deck shale shaker: Shale shakers are efficient equipment to take the heaviest burden for removing particles. By using suitable screen meshes, the shale shaker can remove all particles above 100 microns. A double deck shaker is even more efficient than single deck ones, because on upper deck they adopt one API number for screens to have larger holes, and on lower deck they adopt another API number with smaller holes. In this way, with one set of vibrating motors, there could be 2 stages for separation.

3. GNZS703F-16N Desilter cyclones. Desilter cyclones are also called desilter cones, they are cyclones with 4 inch diameter, and they are used to remove particles below 20 microns by centrifugal force. The cones are fed by a centrifugal pump and the material will be splashed onto inner surface of cyclones. Solids particles will fall down from cyclone bottom and liquid goes up out of cyclone from the top.

4. GNLW553C-VFD Decanter centrifuge. Decanter centrifuge is always located after the cyclones or at least shale shakers with fine screens. Decanter centrifuges can treat the material quite thoroughly by centrifugal force generated from high speed rotation. It is a commonly used equipment for fine particles from 2 to 5 microns. The limit is the inlet solids content. If there are too large particles, it may block or even broke the centrifuge. That’s why before the centrifuge there must be some other equipment.

5. GNDW Chemical dosing system. When there are even finer particles in the liquid, we shall invite in the chemical dosing system. It can flocculate the fine particles into bigger ones by adding chemicals like polymer or something else.

Screw Conveyors and Screw Pumps for African Drilling Waste Management Company

In a recent project, GN Solids Control has provided to an old client from Africa a serious of equipment. Those equipment are to be used for drilling waste management projects. They are kind of customized models including following:

2021.9.6a Screw Conveyor

1. 10 sets Variable Speed Screw Conveyor: 7x GNSC12B-12V and 3x GNSC12B-24V. Screw conveyors are quite widely used for transferring materials in a drilling rig system or in a drilling waste management system, or in both, especially when the drilling cuttings waste management system is located along with rig and work at same time. For example, one screw conveyor can be located horizontally under the shale shakers for collecting the cuttings, then a tilt positioned one is used to receive the cuttings and feed to the vertical cuttings’ dryers inlet hopper. Variable speeds are important for the screw conveyors, because the mud condition is changing and capacity is varying, too. A speed adjustable solution can help to solve this problem and allow the screw conveyors to be suitable for more conditions.

2. 8 sets Variable Speed Screw Pump. Same as screw conveyors, the screw pumps are used for feeding the treating equipment, too. The screw conveyor is used for the vertical cuttings dryers, and the screw pump is used for the decanter centrifuge. GN has VFD controlled screw pump and mechanical speed adjustable screw pumps for option. For example in the positive pressurized control panel of a GNMS-363 decanter centrifuge, there are 3 VFD’s applied, respectively for centrifuge bowl, centrifuge back motor and the screw pump for feeding.

3. 10 sets Control Boxes. Control boxes are also one of core products GN provides. GN Solids Control is a certified electric control panel manufacturer for both non-explosive proof control panels and explosive proof control panels, including CNEX, ATEX and IECEX.
Welcome to contact GN Solids Control for more information.