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GN Chemical Dosing Unit Used for Sludge Dewatering

In a recent project, GN Separation has provided to a client in Europe a set of dewatering screw press unit for sludge treatment system for a client in Europe. This system contains 2 sections: a chemical dosing unit and a screw press machine. And the client ordered a comparably large model of both the chemical dosing and the screw press.

1.Chemical dosing unit. The chemical dosing unit is used for adding chemicals into the material to be treated, normally the material is in liquid form containing some extra fine particles to be removed. The smaller the particles are, the more difficult to separate them out. That’s why the chemical dosing unit is involved into the system. GN chemical dosing unit can be used to add both liquid chemicals and chemical in powder into the material based on the material’s characters and requested result after interaction. The dosing pumps can be controlled manually and automatically by choosing the modes on the control panel. There are several mixers used in the chemical dosing unit for prepare the liquid.

Based on jobsite request, GN can make chemical dosing unit of different capacities, which means, the model of chemical dosing unit is designed based on the volume of solutions, and the density of chemical is determined by the dosing pump, by inputting some data into the control system.

2.Screw press machine. The screw press is used to remove the particles from the liquid. After chemical dosing, the extra fine particles become large enough for the screw press to remove them. The working principle of the screw press is like to squeeze water from a towel. It is driven by a motor and inside there is a screw for squeezing. GN also has several models for option for matching different treating capacities.

Welcome to send more information about your project to GN team for a formal quote.

GN Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge for Overseas Mining Tailing Dewatering Projects

Among recent projects of GN Separation, there is one set of system for a mining tailing dewatering projects, and the jobsite location is an extremely cold country outside China. This system contains following equipment and facilities:

1. Decanter centrifuge GNLW764A-VFD. GNLW 764 is the largest decanter centrifuge model among GN decanter centrifuges. The centrifuge bowl diameter is up to 30 inch, and the bowl’s length-diameter ratio is 4, which enable the decanter centrifuge to have a large capacity meanwhile a long trip for a dry treating result. In such systems, always the big bowl centrifuges with a length-diameter ratio of 4 are more practical, for example, the 30 inch bowl model GNLW764A-VFD and a 22 inch bowl model GNLW554-VFD.

Decanter Centrifuge 2023.08.14

2. Chemical dosing unit. Chemical dosing units are always an auxiliary device for the decanter centrifuges when there are a large portion of extra fine particles in the slurry or material to be treated. The chemicals prepared by the chemical dosing units always contain some polymer for flocculating the extra fine particles into larger ones, in order to be separated out by the decanter centrifuges. Before the centrifuge inlet, there is a T connection on pipeline with one point for chemical dosing pump.

3. 40FT Containers for holding the centrifuge and dewatering units. The 40ft containers are not standard containers, but they are made with container anchoring corners for easy transportation. Comparing with standard containers, those 2 sets of 40ft containers are equipped with windows and doors and insulation layer. The 2 containers are located as one on top of the other, the upper one is for the centrifuge, cause the centrifuges are requested to be located on a certain height, meanwhile, it can help with saving space. The chemical dosing unit is located in the lower container.

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Complete System for Both Mud Recovery and Slurry Treatment

As leading manufacturer for drilling mud solids control and drilling sludge treatment equipment and a professional solution provider, GN Solids Control has designed and put into reality a complete system for both mud recovery and slurry treatment which is suitable for for mud preparation, mud recovery and clarification, mud weight control, mud storage until slurry treatment in horizontal drilling and pipe jacking industries. This system is combined by following components:

3 2021.11.24 Solids Control System

1. Mud tanks: This systme is equipped by several mud tank skids with effective tank volume≥25m³. They are suitable for transportatiaon inside containers and being lifted at jobsite.

2. Shale shakers. A single shale shaker’s designed capacity is larger than 120m³/h, with vibrating motors with total power 3.44KW. Each system has 2 or 3 shale shakers depended by the requested capacity. The shakers are well sealed and easy for changing screens and spare parts. During transportation, the shakers are to be removed from tank and to be shipped inside container.

3. Mud cleaner: Mud cleaner is a combination of both desander and desilter. The capacity of desander and desilter are in complianc with the total system’s request and achieved by certain quantity of cyclones. Both desander and desilter share the same drying screen on below, with screen area of 2.63 square meters. Total power 3.44kw.
4. Decanter centrifuge: there is a big bowl decanter centrifuge located after the desilter cones. The cutting point of decanter centrifuge is 2 to 5 microns, which is suitable for remove the fine particles from the drilling mud. In this system, there are big bowl centrifuges adopted, with 18 or 22 inch bowl diameter.

5. Chemical dosing system: in case there are extra fine particles in the drilling mud, we have to invite a chemical dosing system with polymer injected into the drilling fluids in order to flocculate the extra particles to be within the centrifuge’s treating range. The chemical dosing system is designed inside a 20 ft container for easy transportation and layout.

6. Jet mud mixing unit: a jet mud mixing unit is used in this system for prepare new mud by adding drilling chemicals into the clarified driling mud.

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