GN Chemical Dosing Unit Used for Sludge Dewatering

In a recent project, GN Separation has provided to a client in Europe a set of dewatering screw press unit for sludge treatment system for a client in Europe. This system contains 2 sections: a chemical dosing unit and a screw press machine. And the client ordered a comparably large model of both the chemical dosing and the screw press.

1.Chemical dosing unit. The chemical dosing unit is used for adding chemicals into the material to be treated, normally the material is in liquid form containing some extra fine particles to be removed. The smaller the particles are, the more difficult to separate them out. That’s why the chemical dosing unit is involved into the system. GN chemical dosing unit can be used to add both liquid chemicals and chemical in powder into the material based on the material’s characters and requested result after interaction. The dosing pumps can be controlled manually and automatically by choosing the modes on the control panel. There are several mixers used in the chemical dosing unit for prepare the liquid.

Based on jobsite request, GN can make chemical dosing unit of different capacities, which means, the model of chemical dosing unit is designed based on the volume of solutions, and the density of chemical is determined by the dosing pump, by inputting some data into the control system.

2.Screw press machine. The screw press is used to remove the particles from the liquid. After chemical dosing, the extra fine particles become large enough for the screw press to remove them. The working principle of the screw press is like to squeeze water from a towel. It is driven by a motor and inside there is a screw for squeezing. GN also has several models for option for matching different treating capacities.

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