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Equipment Used for Feeding and Discharging for Decanter Centrifuges

Decanter centrifuges are quite important and efficient equipment used for separation of liquid and solids only second to the shale shakers. By the high G force generated by the high speed rotating of centrifuge bowl, the liquid will be splashed and the solids phase is to be pushed out. For achieving a satisfactory separating result, we have to make sure there are suitable equipment for feeding the decanter centrifuge and some other facilities for discharge.
Decanter centrifuges request for stable feeding, so some pulse pumps are not suitable for feeding the centrifuges. The pump shall provide stable feeding capacities. And it would be better if the feeing volume can be adjusted as per the centrifuge speed.

2022.05.11 GNLW454ET Decanter Centrifuge 1

Normally, based on rich experience as a decanter centrifuge manufacturer, GN Solids Control normally suggest those two pumps for centrifuge feeding as below:

1. Screw pump, which is a kind of Mono pump. Inside the screw pump there are one stator and one rotor and the comparative move between them provides stable feeding volume for the centrifuge. GN VFD centrifuges’ control panels can include a control panel for the centrifuge feeding pump.

2. Submersible slurry pump is also used for centrifuge feeding purpose, mostly for constant speed centrifuges, especially when the centrifuge is located on a tank and when the tank’s space is limited.

GN has both pump types available for matching different centrifuge models.

For centrifuge discharge, normally the liquid phase after separation will flow directly to its containers with a level difference. That’s why the centrifuge is requested to be mounted on a certain height, for example, on a tank or on a skid. The solids phase discharged by the centrifuge can flow directly via a chute or be carried out by a screw conveyor below the centrifuge.

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