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Automatic Mud Tank Cleaning Unit for Offshore Drilling Platform

As is known to all, the crude oil is not only located beneath the lands, but also under the sea and the under-sea crude oil reservation is quite large. So for oil and gas drilling, there are land rigs and offshores. Comparing with land rigs, there are some challenges an offshore project has to face, and tank cleaning is one of them.

After being used for quite a while, the mud tanks all have sticky material on the bottom, which are mixtures of oil, water and solids. Such mixtures are difficult to remove. Here a professional and efficient tank cleaning system is quite important.

2022.04.07 Automatic Tank Cleaning

GN Solids Control, as a leading brand of such separation solution provider, has a turn-key solution with an automatic tank cleaning system, which helps to save the labors to enter the tank for cleaning. GN tank cleaning system includes following sections:

1. A flushing gun. It is an automatic flushing gun which can use water and work at a high pressure to stirring the oily sludge on inner bottom of tank. It saves around half of the time comparing with human labor working hours for the same task. Such a tank cleaning system can be equipped one or two flushing guns.

2. Mud suction unit. By using this suction unit, the sludge can be removed easily out of the tank. And this powerful suction unit can handle sludge with large particle sizes or high content of solids.

3. Mud clarify unit. After the mud is transferred to outside the tank, it should be clarified professionally. Here GN uses an inclined plate classifier and a chemical dosing unit to reduce the viscosity of the sludge.

4. Unit for storage and transfer mud. After separated, the water will be recovered for reuse and the oil will be collected while the solids phase will be removed and discharged safely.

5. Waste cuttings box for collecting the discharged solids, and those boxes are designed with forklift facilities.