Mud Recycling Systems for TBM Projects

TBM Projects are very common during any countries’ infrastructure building. And the mud recycling systems are always requested during TBM projects. Similar as all other drillings, there is drilling media to be invited into drilling procedures, and the drilling media, which is also called drilling mud should to be recycled after work and to be returned to drilling after being separated by a mud recycling system.

2021.11.08 GNTBM-360 Separation Plant

Here are some of the functions of such a mud recycling system for TBM:

1. Such a mud recycling system can provide high-quality bentonite slurry required by shield tunneling construction to the closed chamber of the excavation face of work.

2. An efficient mud recycling system can make the specific gravity, viscosity and other technical indexes of the slurry in order to meet the requirements of forming mud film and stabilizing the excavation surface in the highly permeable sand layer.

3. A mud recycling system for TBM can help to transport the mixed mud formed by cutting soil and sand to the ground for separation and treatment, and then adjust and utilize the recovered mud.

4. The mud recycling system is used to support, stability and excavation surface soil. The shield tunnel face produces drilling mud balance effect with the help of mud pressure and the front earth pressure to effectively support the front soil.

5. The mud recycling system can also cool and lubricate cutting equipment such as cutter head and cutter head. It is kind of protection.

6. According to the different requirements of soil permeability coefficient, reasonably match the grade of mud particles.

GN Solids Control has been providing mud recycling systems for TBM contractors and projects for more than 15 years, and has gained rich experiences in designing and manufacturing. Among GN products, there are compact systems with 2 separating steps and complete systems with 3 separating steps. GN engineers can give more suitable suggestion based on your detailed information.