Pipe Jacking Slurry Separation Desander Plant for Asia Client

By end of last year, GN Solids Control have got many new orders from Asian clients for the mud separation desander plants. Mud separation desander plants are always GN Solids Control’s advantaged equipment. They are combined by different separation facilities based on client’s jobsite conditions and plant sizes. Just recently, GN Solids Control has delivered following desanding plants:

2022.01.18 GNMS-1500D Desander Plant 2

1. Four sets of GNMS-1000D slurry separation desander plants for pipe jacking projects. Pipe jacking works can be grouped into TBM projects. They are widely used for subway construction or so, and during drilling or jacking, there are slurry generated. Those slurries contains sands and soil which should be removed as thoroughly as possible. GNMS-1000D slurry separation desander plant is a middle sized one among GNMS series slurry plants, which serves a capacity of 1000GPM. It has 2 nos of 10 inch desander cyclones and a double deck shaker. And those cyclones are fed by a 45kw centrifugal pump located under catch tank, on a same skid.

2. Three sets of GNMS-1500D slurry separation desander plants. GNMS-1500D is the big brother of GNMS-1000D in a same family. Comparing with GNMS-1000D, GNMS-1500D has 2 bigger cyclones, each of 14 inch diameter, and a larger double deck shaker with more screens. The 2 big cyclones are fed by a 75kw centrifugal pump.

3. GNTBM-240 separation plant. Unlike GNMS-1000D or GNMS-1500D, the TBM 240 is used for larger project. It has 3 steps for separation, shale shaker, desander and desilters. All machines are controlled by a single big control panel, and the machines are located in 2 layers in order to save space.

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