GN Separation Attended Mining Turkey

GN Separation is a sister brand of GN Solids Control, who are professional in separating equipment manufacturing and also a solution provider for projects involving separation process. During 16 years of development, GN has exported to more than 70 countries in the world, some directly from GN, some through local partners.

GN Solids Control and GN Separation has been providing to Turkey market for many years. As a European country, Turkey has a high standard for choosing products and suppliers. That’s why GN could win out from peers and become a long term supplier and partner for Turkish companies.

The Mining Turkey is one of the most important exhibitions in the world in fields of mining, and it is the most important one in Turkey which is held every two years in Istanbul.

Turkey is a wonderful country full of resources including oil and gas, and various minerals and coals. In Turkey, the engineering technology is also advanced, and GN Separation’s high quality equipment can meet the need of Turkey industries.

For this Mining Turkey, GN brought to exhibition a stack sizer vibrating screen. What is a stack sizer and what are the features?

  1. A stack sizer is also a fine sizer. GN Stack sizers are equipped with polyurethane fine vibrating screen meshes, and the smallest mesh opening can be made as small as 0.045mm, which is 45 microns. So the stack sizer can be used for fine screening purpose.GN S
  2. A stack sizer is a compact choice comparing with the large capacity it can offer. By using a shared feeding unit and shared troughs for both overdeck and underdeck, the stack sizer can increase the capacity by 3 times or even 8 times of a single deck one.
  3. A stack sizer is designed for repulp in a processing for wet material, and by modifying a bit on its design, it can be used for dry separation, too.

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