Several Packages of Vertical Cuttings Dryer System for Overseas Client

Oil field equipment and systems are always one of the core products of GN Solids Control, which still occupies more than one third of GN Group’s products each year. For oil and gas industry, each year, GN makes and sells 250+ sets of shale shakers, 150+ sets of decanter centrifuges, and 50+ sets of vertical cuttings dryers. Recently, GN Solids Control just delivered 2 sets of waste management systems to Russia and 1 set of such systems for South America.

1. Vertical Cuttings Dryer. Comparing with shale shakers and decanter centrifuges, the vertical cuttings dryers are not so commonly known equipment, but in fact, in drilling cuttings waste management systems, they are quite practical, especially in case of oil based mud. GN’s first set of vertical cuttings dryer was designed and made into reality in year 2014, and it was soon recognized by clients and became popular all over the world. GNCD series vertical cuttings dryer can reduce the oil on cuttings to 0.5%.

Decanter Centrifuge 2023.08.14

2. Decanter Centrifuge. After the vertical cuttings dryer, there will be a decanter centrifuge to treat the fluids discharged from the vertical cuttings dryer, because there are still some fine particles in the drilling fluids at this stage. A high speed decanter centrifuge is efficient to remove the particles from 2 to 5 microns thoroughly. After the decanter centrifuge, the drilling fluids would be clean enough to be returned to the drilling procedure.

The combination of vertical cuttings dryer plus high speed decanter centrifuge is a must in many countries in the world considering the environment protection purpose. The recent projects GN manufactured are respectively made for Russia and South America. In fact, GN Solids Control has exported the equipment and spare parts to more than 90 countries in the world during the past 15 years. For the oil and gas solids control and waste management, GN can provide a turn-key solution from the consulting to manufacturing. Many world leading drilling companies and oil service companies are clients of GN.