How to Choose a Suitable Mud Tank System

Unless the old type of crude oil explorations as shown in the movie <There Will Be Blood>, in modern times, the drillings are much gentler and it takes care of environment very well. And this can attribute to the employment of solids control system. The solids control system can help to remove the solids particles generated from drilling and also return the expensive drilling fluids back to the drilling procedure

For confirming the specifications of a mud tank system, here are several steps:

1 2021.11.24 Mud Tank System

1st, to confirm the volume of mud tanks, there are several points to be taken into consideration:
1.1 the drilling structure, the drilling mud replenishment when tool is lifted or the overflow when the tool is lowered during drilling
1.2 the mud pump’s rated displacement volume.
1.3 the drilling speed of the project, especially the drilling speed of large-diameter topsoil;
1.4 the well bore’s complexity should be taken into consideration, for example, whether there is lost circulation and blowout risk, or whether it is necessary to reserve a variety of mud;
1.5 the type of drilling mud used and speed of drilling mud preparation.

2nd, How to define the minimum drilling mud volume used for oil and gas drilling.

2.1 international API method 1: well bore volume with 100 barrels added. One barrel in the US system is about 158.97 liters in the metric system, and 100 barrels is about 16 cubic meters.
2.2 international API method 2: Daily footage (well barrel volume) ‘s five or 6 times. The coefficient is usually 5.5.
2.3 international API method 3: maximum circulating capacity of mud pump multiplied by 0.618. The unit of maximum circulating capacity of mud pump is m3 / min. this calculation method mainly considers that bubbles in drilling fluid can fully overflow the liquid level, and the calculated result is the liquid level area (unit: m2).
2.4 domestic method 1 in China : well barrel volume * 1.5 ~ 2.0. with common coefficient as 1.75.
2.5 domestic method 2 in China: nominal drilling depth of drilling rig ÷ (20 ~ 22) * 130%. The common coefficient is 21.

Hope the knowledge we shared is useful for your work.