HDD Mud Reclaimer for International Drilling Company

Considering the environment protection purpose and also the less consumption of drilling mud, there is always necessary for the HDD contractors to buy in reclaimers to be used together with their drilling rigs to recycle the drilling fluids and also reduce the transportation volume of solids discharges. GN Solids Control has been one of the most famous brands for providing such solutions for years. In the October or this year, GN Solids Control just fabricated a kind of customized mud reclaimer set to an international HDD contractor.

2021.10.18 Mud Mixing Tank
1. Why choose GN Solids Control?
GN Solids Control was established since year 2007 and ever since its establishment, it has been participating in the drilling mud separation projects for HDD contractors. Based on clients’ request, GN Solids Control has designed and made hundreds of systems. Cause a big proportion of GN’s equipment has been used for oil and gas industry and GN Solids Control has become the 1st API Certified solids control brand in China. GN applies the same standards for the HDD equipment as the oil and gas industries. GN always focuses on the high quality and reliable service.

2. What does GN Solids Control make for the HDD mud recycling?
GN Solids Control has several standards models for HDD mud reclaimers, with various treating capacities. Such reclaimers are equipped by a lower deck shaker, desanding or desilter cones, a catch tank and feeding pump for cyclones. They are compact in foot print and on their sides, there is always a mud mixing unit for mixing and prepare the mud.
Besides such compact reclaimers, GN Solids Control also has bigger solutions, with larger storage capacity mud tanks and also include in a mud mixing hopper and mixing pumps. They are easy for transportation on land and also in container.

If you have similar projects or have interests, welcome to contact GN Sales Team for more information.