3-Phase Disc Stack Separator for Overseas Vegetable Oil Separation

GN Separation Equipment is an enterprise focusing on the designing of separating and conveying equipment manufacturing and solution providing. The core products and best seller equipment of GN Separation are shakers, decanter centrifuges, disc stack separators, screw press for dewatering and chemical dosing unit. Vibrating screens for mining is another product group of GN Separation.

2023.07.13 3-phase disc stack separator
Both three phase decanter centrifuges and disc stack separators are used for separation of oil, water and solids. Disc stack is suitable for the material with a small portion of solids, which is also capable of separating the oil clearly. Recently, GN Separation provided such a disc stack separator to a client who uses this machine for vegetable oil separating application. This machine’s model is GNSD225. Here are the main specificaitons:

1. Bowl diameter of this disc stack is 810 mm
2. The diameter of the piston used in this machine is 730 mm
3. Rated treating capacity is 30-40 m3 per hour.
4. Rotating speed is 4500 RPM.
5. Volume is 27 liters.
6. Motor power is 75kw.
7. Driven type: belt driven
8. Time for starting up: 8 to 10 minutes.
9. Time for shutting down: 30 minutues.
10. Outsourced bearing brand:SKF.
11. Raw material for the rotating bowl, bowl cover and big piston: duplex stainless steel SS2507.
12. Control cabinet: VFD controlled with PLC from SIEMENS. VFD’s are sourced from ABB brand. And touching screen is from Schneider. Languages could be shifted between English and Chines. :
13. Filter: the filter is designed containing water. It is made per food standard and all sealing parts are made of flourorubber.

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