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The Function of a Poor Boy Degasser

Poor boy degasser is also called a mud gas separator, it is a quite important equipment used for oil and gas drillings. As is known to all, as the crude oil or gas are both flammable materials. And during the drilling procedure, along with the drilling mud, there are cases that the flammable gas comes out with the drilling mud. It will put the whole jobsite in danger. A poor boy degasser here is used to remove such flammable gas to ensure the safety work.

1. Where is the poor boy degasser located?
A poor boy degasser is always located beside the 1st mud tank, quite near to the mud distributor for the shale shakers, cause the mud outlet of the poor boy degasser shall be linked to the mud distributor, then to the shale shaker.
The other port of the poor boy degasser is on the cylinder’s top, which is a vent line for the flammable gas. The other side of the vent line is linked to the flare ignition device meters away from the drilling rig. There, at a faraway place, the flare ignition will deal with the flammable gas safely.

2. What is the function of the poor boy degasser?
Inside the cyclinder, there are plates. Such plates are used for separate the gas from the mud ,the gas goes up to the vent port while the mud flows into the drilling mud solids control system. There is always a U tube on the mud outlet pipeline and an accurate design of the U tube size ensures the good mud sealing function.

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