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GN Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge for Overseas Mining Tailing Dewatering Projects

Among recent projects of GN Separation, there is one set of system for a mining tailing dewatering projects, and the jobsite location is an extremely cold country outside China. This system contains following equipment and facilities:

1. Decanter centrifuge GNLW764A-VFD. GNLW 764 is the largest decanter centrifuge model among GN decanter centrifuges. The centrifuge bowl diameter is up to 30 inch, and the bowl’s length-diameter ratio is 4, which enable the decanter centrifuge to have a large capacity meanwhile a long trip for a dry treating result. In such systems, always the big bowl centrifuges with a length-diameter ratio of 4 are more practical, for example, the 30 inch bowl model GNLW764A-VFD and a 22 inch bowl model GNLW554-VFD.

Decanter Centrifuge 2023.08.14

2. Chemical dosing unit. Chemical dosing units are always an auxiliary device for the decanter centrifuges when there are a large portion of extra fine particles in the slurry or material to be treated. The chemicals prepared by the chemical dosing units always contain some polymer for flocculating the extra fine particles into larger ones, in order to be separated out by the decanter centrifuges. Before the centrifuge inlet, there is a T connection on pipeline with one point for chemical dosing pump.

3. 40FT Containers for holding the centrifuge and dewatering units. The 40ft containers are not standard containers, but they are made with container anchoring corners for easy transportation. Comparing with standard containers, those 2 sets of 40ft containers are equipped with windows and doors and insulation layer. The 2 containers are located as one on top of the other, the upper one is for the centrifuge, cause the centrifuges are requested to be located on a certain height, meanwhile, it can help with saving space. The chemical dosing unit is located in the lower container.

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