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Functions of Vibrating Screens in Mining Beneficiation

When talking about the function of vibrating screens in mining industry, we cannot bypass the beneficiation. As is known to all, useful minerals and useless gangue are usually coexisting with each other. People have to do something to separate them from each other, for example, the . procedure of crushing ores, then enriching useful minerals and discarding useless gangue. All these procedures are include in the topic of beneficiation. For example, for coal, the process of separating coal from grinding stone to obtain products of different quality is called coal preparation.

GN Vibrating Screens

In nature, except a few minerals which are liquid (such as mercury), most of them are in solid type. Solid minerals have certain crystal structure and physical and chemical properties. In raw ore or coal, the separation of useful components and useless gangue or grindstone through beneficiation is basically based on the differences in physical properties, surface physicochemical properties and chemical properties of minerals. Mineral properties directly related to mineral processing mainly include density, magnetism, conductivity, wettability, etc.


1. Density refers to the mass of mineral per unit volume, which is the basis for gravity concentration.
2. The magnetism of a mineral is the property that it is attracted or repelled by a magnet. General minerals can be divided into strong magnetic minerals (such as magnetite, etc.), weak magnetic minerals (such as hematite, etc.) and non-magnetic minerals (such as diamond, hematite, etc.). Mineral magnetism is the basis of magnetic separation.
3. Electrical conductivity refers to the electrical conductivity of minerals. Generally, minerals can be divided into good conductors, semiconductors and non-conductors, which are the basis for electrical separation.
4. Wettability refers to the property that minerals can be wetted by water. The minerals easily wetted by water are called hydrophilic minerals (such as quartz, calcite, etc.); On the contrary, it is called hydrophobic mineral (such as chalcocite, graphite, etc.). The natural wettability of minerals mainly depends on the crystalline structure of minerals.

Function of mining vibrating screens are working based on the physical properties of minerals.