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Treating Capacity and Cutting Point of Desanding Units

GNMS Series Desanding units are one kind of mud treatment systems which are quite popular among clients in TBM, piling and HDD projects. This kind of desanding units are always a compact skid with 2 steps of separation machines and a mud pump, and also a catch tank on below for recycling.


It can be divided into following components based on the functions:

1. First step separation, by a bottom deck shale shaker. There should be a pump from outside the desanding unit for transferring the mud to the desanding unit’s lower deck shale shaker. The lower deck shaker shall have a set of coarse screens, normally API 10 or API 20 to remove the large particles from the slurry.

2. Catch tank on below. On below the shale shaker, there is a catch tank, which is also physically holding the shaker. The small particles will go through the lower deck shaker into the catch tank, then there is a pump to transfer the slurry from the catch tank to the second step separation.

3. The second step separation is provided by the cyclones. Based on the system’s requested capacity, the sizes and quantity of cyclones are different. For example, the GNMS-200D uses 4 sets of 4 inch cyclones and the GNMS-1000D uses 2 sets of 10 inch cyclones. After the cyclones, the solids phase falls onto the upper deck shaker for drying and the liquid phase is transferred to outside the desanding unit. And the wet solids will go through both screen decks and enter the next separating procedure.

So the cutting point of the desanding unit is determined by the cyclone sizes, and the capacity is limited by the cyclones, too. While the transferring pump is chosen per cyclones’ feeding need. For more information, welcome to contact GN sales team directly.