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Compact Mud Recycling Units for HDD and Piling

Based on clients’ requests, GN Solids Control has designed a series of mud recycling unit with small footprint and practical performance. On a one skid equipment, there is a double deck shaker with cyclones for 2 steps separation, and a catch tank in between the 2 separating processes. A centrifugal pump is located on side of catch tank for transferring mud from catch tank to the cyclones on top of shaker.

GNMS-200D 抠图

Here are some questions frequently asked for such a mud recycling system:
1. How to choose a suitable generator for the mud recycling system?
First, the total power of the mud recycling system shall be take into consideration, which include the vibrating motors of the double deck shaker and the centrifugal pump motor. Also, if necessary, the feeding pump for the whole mud recycling system should be included, too. For example, for a GNMS-200D unit, the total power is 14kw, and if operator uses a 7.5kw feeding pump, the operator should prepare a 48KVA generator.

2. What’s the cutting point of such a mud unit?
The mud unit’s cutting point is determined by the 2nd step separation equipment, the cyclone. For example, the 10 inch cyclone’s smallest cutting point is 38 microns, while the 4 inch cyclones’ is 25 microns. They are the most frequently used cyclone sizes.
But it doesn’t mean all particles above the smallest cutting point will be removed. Take the GNMS-200D with 4 inch cyclones as example, its cutting point should be a range covering 20 to 50 microns. In practice, at a suitable treating capacity, the particles above 25 microns could be removed. Or we can state as ” after treated by 4 inch cyclones, the solids particles in mud are smaller than 20 -50 microns.

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