GN Solid Vacuum Pump for Garnet Powder Transportation in Middle East

GN Separation is a leading brand for providing equipment and solutions for both separating and conveying. And among the various types of pumps, the vacuum pump is always the most popular one among clients, because of several reasons, for example, the large power and the wide applications.
This time, for the newest vacuum pump project, GN offered a pump for a client in Middle East, and the application is for garnet powder transportation. Garnet is a quite welcome kind of stone in Middle East countries.

About GN Vacuum Pump:
1.The vacuum pump is also called a solids pump because of its feature for tranferring the material with high solid content, even all solids. There are only two limits for the material, one is the liquidity and the other is the size limit.

2.A vacuum pump can be regarded as a pneumatic pump because it doesn’t need any electricity for working. During working, it need an air compressor as an air source to produce the negative and positive force. In this way, the pump can suck in the material from quite a distance and push it to a even further away place. Also because of the air driven without electricity,

3.Vacuum pumps are suitable for different applications for both solids and liquid, and even the material of some viscosity. Of course, the more sticky the material is, the smaller capacity it will achieve. Citing about the vacuum pumps’ applications, they can be used for oily sludge, animal waste, mining ores, sand and small stones, and etc.

4.GN has several models of vacuum pumps for meeting different capacities, like the 10cbm per hour, 20 cbm per hour and the largest 40 cbm per hour. Among those, the 2 smaller models are movable with wheels.

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