GN Shear Vibrating Screen for Silica Sand Classification

GN Shear Vibrating screen is one kind of circular vibrating screens. It is called circular because of the motion direction, in order to be differentiated from other motions such as linear motions. The circular vibrating screens are widely used for aggregates and sands, mining and waste recycling projects due to their efficiency and reliability.

Here are some features of circular vibrating screens:
1.Unless a linear motion vibrating screen which is using two vibrating screens for generating a linear motion route on screen deck, a circular vibrating screen is designed to use a single vibration source (one vibration motor) to drive and achieve circular vibration of the screen deck assembly.
2.Such circular motion screen can provide a large capacity and handle a high throughput rates, meanwhile, achieve an accurate separating or classification.
3.The circular vibrating screen has a comparably simple structure for easy operating, maintenance and repair.
4.A circular vibrating screen can be designed as one deck or double deck for enhancing the treating capacity or even producing more products.

But in practice, there is one challenge that most of circular vibrating screens are facing, the cut point of separating. Normally, the cut points are a bit too large. At this point, GN has a solution with GN Shear vibrating screens, which is designed to have a high frequency and equipped with flexible polyurethane screen meshes with small apertures. Recently, GN Separation has delivered to a client the shear vibrating screen for silica sand classification.
Besides the shear vibrating screen, GN also manufactures middle sized linear motion vibrating screens for different applications like the mineral processing, aggregates, coal mining, iron ore mining and etc. And for the high frequency vibrating screens, GN has linear vibrating ones with single deck and stack sizers available.
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